Can you imagine Les Amis friend-haunting Marius and Cosette though

  • Like Marius first notices when something keeps knocking off his hats whenever he comes home, and eventually they figure out that’s Courfeyrac’s way of telling him he looks ridiculous
  • Combeferre hasn’t quite gotten the hang of moving corporeal things yet and so keeps accidentally knocking books off the shelf when he’s trying to read. Marius lays them open on the table so all he has to do is move the pages
  • They soon realise that various doors and windows are always open in the morning because Prouvaire likes to look at the stars at night but always forgets to shut them again
  • Feuilly is the easiest to spot when he finally moves in because seriously, what other ghost is genuinely going to think of paying rent? (Also where is he even getting that money what the hell Feuilly)
  • Bossuet is like the world’s politest accidental poltergeist because things are always going flying then apologetically floating on back to their rightful place
  • Joly’s ghost sneezes.
    No, really.
  • They’re not sure who keeps initiating those raucous dances to the tune of drinking songs at increasingly random hours, but they have their suspicions that Bahorel is heavily involved
  • Eventually Marius puts up a piece of chalkboard as a way to communicate with his friends, and they don’t know exactly how long Grantaire has been there but they realise he’s there as soon as they find a beautiful chalk portrait of Cosette signed with a somehow sarcastically elaborate ‘R’
  • Marius finds Enjolras one day when he’s talking politics and something starts breathing aggressively down the back of his neck
  • Bonus: supportive and caring Cosette who gives her husband the benefit of the doubt when he says they have ghosts despite very little initial proof, then seamlessly beginning to believe him as the evidence mounts. Because hey, if her mother became an angel and sent her another angel to care for her in her place, what’s to stop Marius’ friends returning to him?

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ok so at the risk of seeming absolutely clueless (which i am tbh) and kinda annoying, i see you talking about dragon age: inquisition and you seem to really enjoy it and i guess my question is would you recommend it to someone who has never played any dragon age games or to start all them from the beginning ok i'm sorry bye

omg anon!! NEVER ANNOYING! if anything, the fact that you don’t know anything about dragon age but aren’t annoyed by me being unable shut the fuck up about it is really sweet <333

i absolutely do recommend this game to everyone, even ppl who haven’t played the other games (dragon age: origins and dragon age 2). each game has a different protagonist and a different setting, so even though they are all definitely connected and contribute to the worldbuilding, it’s not going to be like you started watching a movie from the middle. the devs also went out of their way to make inquisition a good “starting point” for people who are new to the franchise; a lot of people are picking up da:i without having played the others and having a fantastic time.

THAT BEING SAID, being familiar with the world and its characters/history will make a huge difference. even if you don’t want to play the first two games, you should definitely know what happens in them and get a basic understanding of what’s what. fortunately, bioware came up with a cool way for you to do that: the dragon age keep is a record of all the choices you can make in the previous games.

you can go through all of these choices and then import your custom “world state” when you start your da:i playthrough. these choices do have a major effect on the game (as in, who lives and dies, who rules a nation), and if you just go with the default state that comes with the game, you end up missing out on a lot of plot (because it will automatically choose a world state where everyone who could have died is dead).

some required reading (if you skip the first two games):

i’ll end this by saying, if it is at all possible and you are in the least bit inclined, i strongly suggest AT LEAST playing dragon age 2 first. it’s a much shorter game than da:o, and the gameplay is (in my opinion) much more accessible and engaging. also, one of the companions in da:i (varric) is also a companion in da2, and getting to know varric and the events of da2 will have a huge impact in your appreciation of da:i.

tl;dr please play dragon age please you will not regret it ask my friends if they regret any of it!!! ignore their weeping it just means they love it so much

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how did you draw the touken-manga like art?

 the programs i used were sai and photoshop cs6 (any version is fine as long as you can use font/sharpen). in terms of the drawing:

 first, i started out with the poses. i’ll be using this touka cap to demonstrate:


but before i got to this, the final version, i had a sketch i had done previously:


 it looks like shit, but that’s okay. it’s a draft! next, i pulled a fuckton of resources from the tokyo ghoul manga. i don’t have all the sketches because i deleted those layers, but my page pretty much looked like this


i redrew her hair, eyes, and nose several times, to get the gist of it. i sometimes erased the face ishida had drawn, and stretched the feature i wanted (in this case hair) it out to something plausible that looked like her in the sketch. (in the end i omitted the ponytail because i didn’t think it fit, although it was in the line art.) 

 then i adjusted the line art according to what i had learned from the above, while looking at the resources all the while. (the face shape took me a good hour or two.) once you have the face shape, everything else is simple! draw in the eyes, mouth, and nose. i actually started with the eyes and adjusted them according to the face shape i was satisfied with, but as you have the base sketch to go off of, it’s fine to start anywhere else. 

 finally, i added in the speech bubble. to get a more ‘manga’ texture, i used a texture called ‘berber’ that comes with my sai pack, but if you don’t have it, that’s fine. afterward, i added in the font for the text i wanted (animeace) then sharpened! done! 

 hope this helps :)

 (took 3-6 hours)

Sorry for clogging up your dashes with that argument guys!! It’s over now though, because there’s literally nothing else to be said to that person so yeah. Really really sorry about that

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Tell me all about cereal because dragons in turtlenecks are awesome

Oh, boy.

Cereal is really awesome and I’m impressed so many people like him. It makes me sad that he is not really the most important character in the story he takes part in… Yeah, Cereal is a secondary character. Impressive. But if MB was a game, he’d totally have his own spin-off.

First off, Cereal is no more, no less than THE LIVING MANIFESTATION OF ANGER. I’m not even kidding. He actually is anger itself.
But don’t worry, he is Arthur’s anger. Hence why Cereal is also a sweetheart - Arthur’s anger isn’t strong enough.

He was created after I had one of my 203940808 cool trippy dreams, this one being about a teenager dragon going through puberty living in this a house with this kid, who is also the only person who can see him. There’s a lot more to it, but Cereal is the focus here, so, whoop whoop.

But why is a boy’s anger taking the form of a red dragon in a turtleneck? Long story. For those who read the stuff about Taylor and Arthur here, it’s going to be easy to explain, but I’ll try to put it in a nutshell:

-First off, Arthur is one of the few people in my fictional universe who are destined to become a Space Traveler - people whose duties is to keep the life flowing correctly in the universe. Each of them has a speciality(which is kinda like a pokemon type) and Arthur’s is emotion.
-His brother, Taylor, may or may not be a sociopath. In other words, he is a piece of shit and shouldn’t exist, but he does and that sucks. They had some sort of conflict. Someone died. It wasn’t Taylor. God damn it.
-After dying for the first time in their home world, the Space Traveler is supposed to ascend to, well, space, their essence will be awakened, and so will their powers.
-But, for some reason, Arthur didn’t ascend. He stayed there. But there were consequences. He was now emotionless because apparently all of his feelings had left his head and he had no control over them. One of them was Cereal.

In fact, Cereal was the first one to appear. And, fun fact, Cereal kinda reflects Arthur’s death. I haven’t talked about this yet, but he has a condition. His neck doesn’t work properly - it’s limp, he can’t move it - and, under that turtleneck, is a device that holds his head up. If it weren’t for that device, he’d have his head on the ground at all times.

The device on his neck is really itchy and uncomfortable and he hates it. That’s why he prefers to have his head looking up sometimes, because that’s the most comfortable position for him.


And that’s aaaaaaaall because Taylor choked his brother to death„

Cereal was the first because, well, it’s kinda obvious that Arthur was angry when he died. In fact, anger was actually a strong part of his personality before it happened, but, with time, his emotions weren’t part of him anymore. They were his friends. So his personality kinda dissolved into nothing, which gave space for Ms. Groom to paint something nice with that blank canvas she had.

So I guess he was a really angry red lizard when he first showed up. But he was nice with Arthur because they’re friends. But he’s still an asshole. And he hates everything. He hates me. He hates you. He hates that guy on the radio. And, on top of all, he hates Taylor.

He. Freaking. Hates. Taylor.

So much I can’t even put it into words. And I guess I don’t need to explain why.

His name is Cereal because Arthur sucks at naming and so do I. Hear me out. His name is actually supposed to be Serious. But guess what? Someone’s neck and throat still hadn’t healed from previous wounds and he ended up saying “Ce-re-uhm” between coughs.

Misunderstandings happened.



there’s probably more stuff I’ve forgotten about

well, there’s just so much about Cereal.

i’m surprised that they haven’t really done an official JT cover yet.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Villa!


"So how’s the turkey coming?"


"Good, good, Diantha’s Kalos seasonings are really complex but they taste really good! How’re the pies coming along?"


"Fantastic, already done, they’re outside cooling. I got up at 5am today and made them. How’s everyone adjusting?"


"No! The Turkey Dance is left right left, down up!"


"Thanksgiving dances are stupid anyway! Hey! Who wants to play bomb ball!"


"What’s bomb ball?"


"It’s like football, but with bombs!"


"Has anyone seen Gardenia? She was supposed to bring me the herbs for the turkey."


"Come to think of it I haven’t seen Whitney either… she was supposed to bring the ice cream for the pies…"


"Hey guys, I’m here! I brought the cranberry sauce, also Gardenia and Whitney are outside with some weird smelling smoke. I think Gardenia got into Erika’s stash again on her last visit…"


"Must’ve got the good stuff…"


"Oh god, Whitney’s high, that’s a scary thought…"


"Whoo! Everything’s made of MILK!"


"Whoa… doesn’t that mean… YOU’RE made of milk!? Can I drink you!?"




"…you guys have some weird friends…"


"Yeah, who thought we’d be the normal ones?"


"Tis a sad day indeed…"

dear fandom family

Its been a year since Frozen came out right? well I’m guessing if you aren’t in the fandom your best friend’s older brother who is in love with Anna already told you that its been a year. Of course Big Hero 6 is also out and in a sense building a family of its own and through it new friends will be made as more followers are gained.

But this reminds me, now that I have started a side blog for the Big Hero 6 stuff I post to keep it and Frozen separate, when I started into the Frozen fandom. I thus of have three followers on it (one of them being myself) and remember a comment being made.

I started my tumblr about… a week after I saw Frozen for the first time. I had been excited for the film for months before the opening night, I made a cosplay, I had begun to ship Hans and Elsa, I had started drawing the characters, and started drooling over Hans. A week after I wanted more Helsa edits so I made a tumblr. 

I was talking with a friend in real life about an month later and she said I technically wasn’t part of the Frozen family because I couldn’t say what brother Kristoff was or other little jokes- because I didn’t have a tumblr and post Frozen things for months before the movie came out essentially. She made it sound like she thought she was more valuable to the fandom than I am, that she is far more important than I am- sure she has 1000+ followers, (I didn’t get there because my ship is far more controversial than hers plus I go through random emotional spurts or depression) and her fan fics are THE fanfics, she gets all the jokes- me- I draw Helsa art and not that great of it. She made it out that I wasn’t important to the Frozen fandom and it would be just the same with out me.

we all know that who ever came up with the whole sticks and stones line must have been an ignorant fool and had too big of an ego for it to be bruised- that words hurt like hell.  For months after that I felt terrible thinking ‘oh, I’m not a part of the family…’ and I know there are some who see it like that. I know that when people see my new blog they will go ‘oh… they must have just seen the movie…’ well no, I have been reblogging here and there BH6 stuff for a few months on my main blog, then once the movie came out it was a constant flow. 

And then I start thinking of two dear friend of mine, both entered the Frozen family after I did, both of them I see even as more active members than I am. Is it fair to say that they are not part of the Frozen Family? 

So I guess I don’t really have a point of my rant other than- don’t say new comers aren’t part of the family, they liked what ever it is they have made a tumblr for, tailored a URL to fit than fandom, and on their blog is are pictures, roleplays, fandubs, movies, edits, ships, and arts of that fandom- they like it so much they want to be a PART of the family. so please, let them in. Don’t be bitter because they don’t get the inside jokes (God knows I don’t know any of the Frozen or BH6 jokes) or because you see that they only have 15 followers, or its a new URL for that fandom. Welcome them, its not just a fan entering, its a person- a heart, a soul, a best friend.

I’m sorry for my rant, but I just remember being so hurt myself and don’t want anyone to feel that way too. (and angry to… damn I want to punch something) The family shouldn’t be exclusive, it should welcome all fellow fans with open arms. 

by the way, these are legit people. I didn’t post this on my main blog so it wouldn’t be obvious who it is. These are real people, if you know me and you know who I’m talking about please don’t be a whistle blower.

ok thankful ness

ok besides cliche shit like the roof on my head and my family and stuff, i’m thankful for fall out boy and the journey i’ve been on with them and watching them change and grow through the years. experiencing changes with them, meeting them, watching them, making new friends, experiencing new things, crying to them, coping with them…. even calling them out on a few things >:). they’ve been a constant love in my life for many years and i’m stoked to see them next saturday

i’m thankful for many of my friends. i love so many of you and i can’t name you all. i’m thankful for john indexjoker obviously. He is my other constant and i love him so much. i’m thankful for kiclomega who’s stuck with me through the years & has always been my best friend & has supported me through so much. im thankful for merryandbright2000 who i may have not known as long as others but i love very much

im also thankful for many of my other friends who i dont know if i could tag all of them but i promise i love so many of you i can think of so many people i want to tag

i’m thankful for my dogs & my kitten, i love them endlessly. i’m thankful for self love, feminism, and the community on this website as messed up as it may be sometimes

this holiday is a very corrupt holiday, a horrible back-story. This country was build on corruption and greediness. i’d like to say i’m also thankful for ferguson protestors for fighting for their rights, their life. They remind me everyday that there’s good in the world in hard times. They are real life super heros.

Keep those in your life who you love and let them know. Don’t give thanks only today but often. Spread love throughout your life. Have a happy thanksgiving. Wishing the best for everyone


Before my parents were married, they would exchange love letters. Sometimes in the form of enveloped letters or through warm words written on the backs of photographs. My parents’ correspondence spanned over 6 years, starting from the year 1990, and ending a few years after my birth.

I found their letters a few years ago, dumped in an old box in our garage. And though my parents insisted that I throw them away, I kept them. As you can see, I’ve filed every letter and photograph into a small cardboard box and I’ve even organized them by year.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this. So, I’ll get to the point.

Today, my parents had a huge falling out. A huge one. A fight full of screaming, throwing heavy objects, hurtful words and black rage that sliced through our home like a jagged knife. They ended their argument with the words I hate you and I don’t want to be with you anymore.

At this point, I took my little brother and sister out of the house and took them to the park where we hung out until our dad came and picked us up. We then spent the rest of the day avoiding home. 

But, of course, we eventually ran out of places to hide and had to return. The fighting began again. Overflowing with pitch black anger and hatred. It went on and on, and though I tried to calm things down, my words were tossed aside. At the end of my rope, I went to my trunk and pulled out the box of love letters that I had kept all these years and dumped the letters all over the kitchen table.

The fighting gradually gave in to silence.

Finally, my dad reached over and picked up a stack of the letters.

"You kept these?"

He began taking some of the letters out of their envelopes and reading through them. Eventually, my mom started reading them, too. The silence was finally lifted when my dad started chuckling.

"I can’t believe you kept them."

I didn’t say anything then. They read their letters for a while longer before we re-filed them into the box, and I rushed upstairs to type out this story for you.

I guess what I wanted to say, is that it’s easy to forget things. Like how you fell in love with your husband, the times you enjoyed with your best friends, and the things that made you happy. It’s easy to dismiss those little things as insignificant as the years go by and to go on in life thinking that they don’t matter anymore. But sometimes, holding onto those things isn’t such a waste, after all. 

Sometimes a little reminder is all you need.