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This list includes 12 fics over 20k words that I’ve read for the first time in 2014. I tried to include different writers, but the main pairing is Merlin/Arthur, the fics are mostly NC-17, and they’re mostly modern AUs cause I’m a sucker for these. Remember to always comment and give kudos, enjoy!
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  • ACE OF HEARTS by beccadearie | mature | 32k | M/A
    One night when out with friends, Merlin meets Arthur and quickly realizes that they have something in common: they are both asexual and trying to make their way through life and love in a sexual world without going crazy. What starts as hanging out between friends evolves into something more, and Merlin and Arthur decide to plunge headfirst into this tenuous relationship of give and take between the two of them.
  • COURAGE MAGIC STRENGHT by BeneaththeHalo | explicit | 54k | M/A/G
    30 Day OT3 challenge (NSFW), Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine edition. Unrelated works (30 fics + bonus).
  • CRASH INTO ME by dreamdustmama | explicit | 27k | M/A, M/G
    At the end of their first year of university Arthur decides to take Merlin on a road trip, and holds on to the hope that before it’s over they’ll be more than just friends. Morgana decides she and Gwen are going to come along, and Merlin and Gwen decide they’re both insane. Along the (admittedly short) road to true love there are roller coasters, flat tires, chocolate, sheep, pillow fights, food fights, keychains, and memories that will last a lifetime.
  • DEW POINT by kianspo | explicit | 58k | M/A
    Arthur Pendragon is as popular and successful as a sixth former can be. He hasn’t quite figured out his future yet, but it’s going to be brilliant, he’s certain. At least until some daring stranger on a cool motorcycle topples his world upside down on the first day of school.
  • EMERGENCY by samyazaz | explicit | 22k | M/A
    The kid’s chart says he’s seventeen, but the livid black-and-green bruise mottling his eye and the cracked split lip that’s left a smear of blood drying across his cheek make him look vulnerable. The way he glares the moment Merlin pulls aside the curtain and steps inside defies him to say a word about it.
  • GETTING IT RIGHT by SPowell | explicit | 24k | M/A
    Eight people sharing a uni-flat. Merlin and Gwaine are such good friends, Arthur misunderstands their relationship.
  • MERLYN MYRDDIN THE MURALIST by deanpendragon | mature | 63k | M/A
    Arthur Pendragon’s life has been a slow downward spiral ever since he grew sick of working for his father at Pendragon Publishing. His job is boring, he’s pushing people away, he’s drinking too much—and to top it all off, the coffee shop he’s been going to for a decade is closing. But perhaps the eccentric young brunet at his new routine coffee place, with his shimmery blue eyes and paint-streaked face, is just the person to kickstart Arthur’s humdrum life. As it turns out, Merlin’s got baggage of his own.
  • PUNK ROCK BOY by silver_etoile | explicit | 31k | M/A
    There’s so much pressure on Arthur to choose the right university (Oxford) and date the right girls (Mithian), but a relationship with the weird punk kid was never in Arthur’s plan. When Arthur finds himself in the unfamiliar territory of keeping secrets, he begins to wonder how much of what he thinks is right actually is.
  • THE ONLY MOMENT WE WERE ALONE by emmbrancsxx0 | explicit | 69k | M/A
    In 1940s England, the son of a wealthy hospital benefactor and his manservant are separated when their love affair is discovered. When Merlin Emrys is committed to an experimental hospital ward to be cured of his deemed mental affliction of homosexuality, Arthur Pendragon will stop at nothing to get him back. Based on the psychological experiments of Dr. William Sargant.
  • THE SOUND OF SILENCE by sky_reid | explicit | 40k | M/A
    For Arthur, whose work revolves around improving sound, living in silence is unimaginable. For Merlin, living in silence is a fact of life.
  • WARLOCK AND HIS DOLLOPHEAD by Val_Creative | explicit | 55k | M/A
    30 Day OTP challenge (NSFW), Merthur edition. Unrelated works (30 fics + bonus).
  • YOU’RE MY STRESS AND YOU’RE MY MASSEUSE by SlantedKnitting | explicit | 24k | M/A
    Arthur’s back at college for a new semester, but he’s having a hard time falling back into his old routine after his father died over the summer break. In an attempt to distract himself (and pad his resume), he starts writing articles for one of the school newspapers. Unfortunately, he’s assigned to write about art (and one art student in particular, one that he can’t stop thinking about) even though it’s something he knows nothing about.

The Art of You (mega lame title i know, ask luciferblogging, i’m terrible at titles. terrible)


Michael Shurley is just a normal student attending XX University; studying for his midterms when the notoriously promiscuous Professor Milton, a teacher in the Fine Arts department comes up to him with a proposal:

"I’ll pay you to model for me."

At first Michael was skeptical, but when he said that there would be no strings attached and strictly academic, he decided that a little extra cash wouldn’t hurt.

Eventually, the passionate and focused demeanor of Lucifer Milton overrules all the rumors surrounding him and Michael finds himself falling for the young artist. But every time Lucifer seems to make a move, he stops.

Every time Michael tries to make a move, Lucifer stops him.

So, exactly what does Professor Milton want? 

**inspired by a fic i read on ao3 and another drabble with ageswap!michifer.

this is the photo I was drawing from


(by wolfpup2000)

I’ve drawn from it before. two years separate these two drawings:



and that’s why I keep drawing. to be able to look back and see this kind of improvement. makes all the hours even more worth it. :3

your character should be more than a tragic backstory. more than i lost my parents at a young age so now i rebel against the world. more than i have all these wicked skills without proper background or training. 

sass is great, and so is silence — but when aren’t they using their biting wit? when do they speak up? do they use their ass-kicking skills for good? for evil? have they lost people along the way — actually, it’s inevitable, so what happened after the funeral? did your character attend? did they seek revenge, or search for answers at the bottom of a bottle? 

don’t toss around tragedies if you’re not going to apply them to your characterization. alcoholics aren’t just loud and physically abusive; ptsd doesn’t mean you’ve boarded up the windows and refuse to leave your house. you won’t always continue to hate your parents after they’ve died. you will doubt your life decisions. being rich doesn’t make you sexy. being smart doesn’t make you socially awkward [ alternatively, it doesn’t make you the most attractive person in the room. ] even if you’re wicked smart, you’ll still get some things wrong. 

do your research. if you put your character through traumatic events, not everyone walks away unscathed. but being haunted by the ghosts of your past doesn’t make you attractive either. it’s a nitty gritty, dirty fucking business. you get mad, your world loses color, you feel alone, and sometimes you ask yourself why you’re the one who lived. 

treat your character like their own person. just because you wouldn’t say something to someone doesn’t mean they’ll keep their trap shut. it doesn’t mean they’ll want a big wedding or fast cars or apple pie made the way your mother taught you. maybe you’re pro-life and your character is pro-choice. maybe it’s vice versa. just because your character is a dick doesn’t mean it should be a reflection on yourself. but if they’re going to be a dick, and you want it to be believable, give them a reason to be a dick. a reason to hate the world, only slightly less than they hate the people living in it. maybe more. maybe it’s maybelline.

being smart and young and witty and attractive doesn’t mean your character will be respected. it doesn’t mean your character deserves to be respected. older, more experienced characters may trust your character less because they’re so damn young, no matter what you do or say to try to prove them wrong. 

Look, guys. I advocate a strong UNDERAGE SMUT IS ILLEGAL stance because a) it is, I’ve done a whole fuckton of research on it, and b) I’ve been there.

I was 16. My partner and best friend was ~19. We roleplayed all the time- over chatrooms, email, IM, even texts. We roleplayed smut, too, and never thought twice about it. 

TLDR; she was involved in a minor car accident and her phone records had to be pulled for insurance purposes. When her mother, a lawyer, saw the text messages that we had been exchanging and found out that I was underage, she flipped her lid. She was so afraid that her daughter was going to go to jail that she completely cut off all of our means of communication. My friend was nearly kicked out. 

Let me tell you, that is one of the worst feelings in the world. NOT worth a few paragraphs of bad sex.

You can read about a roleplayer ACTUALLY GOING TO JAIL for something like this here. 

"There are no laws against writing underage erotica—" Erotica =/= roleplaying. DEPICTING underage characters =/= having an underage writing PARTNER. 

Yes, it can be considered sexting. ( ‘… ”The sending of sexually explicit texts or pictures either by phone or over the computer,” That means sexting can include sexually explicit written words sent by email or text message as well as sending sexually explicit pictures by email or text message.' )

The Department of Justice says, regarding child pornography, “…any depiction of a minor under 18 years of age engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal.”  Aside from child pornography, there are many different laws that this could violate, including, but not limited to child molestation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

I’ve said it before; if a parent finds out that their child has been ‘smutting’ they aren’t going to give two shits if they were ‘pretending to be someone else.’


I think the writing throughout has been great, but I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I think the Beth character, in particular…more could’ve been done with a teenager growing up [in that world]. I did not see it coming at all, especially this season. It’s weird, because I would’ve been OK with [this happening] in the second season or the third season, when I was like, “Oh, maybe this character is coming to a close. What else is there to do with her?”

But now I feel differently…I feel like there was still so much more to [explore]. Like, what could have happened with Daryl?


It was just always my responsibility, you know? It’s like I had one job… I had one job… And I screwed it up. I blew it. And for that, I’m sorry. I guess that’s what I do. I let down the people I love. And now I guess I’m just supposed to let you down, too. How can I? How am I supposed to live with that? What am I supposed to do?
[Supernatural, All Hell Breaks Loose part two]