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NYC's disappearing hospitals, Greenwald's partner detained by UK authorities, Austerity watch
  • NYC's disappearing hospitals, Greenwald's partner detained by UK authorities, Austerity watch
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Episode #822: Allison and Jamie discuss NYC’s disappearing hospitals, Glenn Greenwald's partner being detained by UK authorities, massive cuts to the Head Start program, teachers paying for their own school suppliestwo-tier society in NYC, a disturbing update to theSteubenville rape story, Forever 21 slashes worker hours, and the NFL’s latest scam.

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Amid Hospital’s Turmoil, a Lost Man Disappears

It began as the odd case of an elderly man found wandering by the side of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in June, carrying plenty of cash, a bus ticket, a baseball cap and papers attesting to his name. He seemed well kept, even healthy — apart from the fact that he could not say where, or who, he was.

Sent to Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn Heights, the man, Celso Heredia, 81, stayed there for several weeks while the police tried to divine what had happened to him. But when that hospital became his temporary refuge, Mr. Heredia was unwittingly swept up in a different drama: the long-running fight over whether the struggling operation will stay open.

On Thursday, the story lines merged with a twist: The police said Mr. Heredia had disappeared from the hospital the day before, the circumstances unclear amid the jockeying over the hospital’s impending shutdown.

Mr. Heredia was reported missing just after 4 p.m. on Wednesday. He was wearing a blue-and-white-striped shirt, bluejeans and black sneakers, and was in “good physical condition, but may require further medical assistance,” according to a police bulletin.

After he was found in June, Mr. Heredia ended up as one of the last remaining patients in a hospital embroiled in a battle between its owner, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, which is trying to close it, and patients and workers struggling to keep it open.

Detectives said last month that Mr. Heredia wanted to be on his way. “He’s happy,” Sgt. Richard Ericson said. “He was ready to walk out the door. But where do we go from here?”

Whatever his wishes, hospital staff and administrators had already been at odds over what to do with him. Doctors and nurses who treated Mr. Heredia had argued against discharging him, saying it was unsafe to release a confused elderly man who had no place to go and spoke little English. But a person familiar with the situation said that SUNY Downstate officials wanted to remove him last week as part of the push to discharge or transfer the hospital’s remaining patients. Administrators bought a one-way Greyhound bus ticket to Florida in Mr. Heredia’s name, to depart the morning of July 19, according to the person, who is affiliated with the hospital through a nearby clinic and spoke anonymously because of patient privacy laws.

“They were trying to get rid of this man,” said the person, who had copies of Mr. Heredia’s papers showing that he was discharged at the unusual time of 12:45 a.m. on the day his bus was to leave.

Mr. Heredia never got on the bus, not understanding what he was supposed to do, according to the person, who spoke to Mr. Heredia, his nurses and a detective investigating the case. Administrators also bought him a plane ticket, nurses told the person, but Mr. Heredia stayed in the hospital, until his disappearance.

This is pretty awful (via NYT)

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Martha Heredia quiere retirar querella contra “Vakeró”

La cantante Martha Heredia expresó hoy su interés de retirar la querella que interpuso en contra de su esposo Manuel Varet Martes (Vakeró), por agresión física, hecho por el cual fue enviado a prisión y luego dejado en libertad.

Heredia, a la salida del Quinto Juzgado de la Instrucción del Distrito Nacional, que preside el magistrado Marcos Amauri Martínez, dijo que quiere reconciliarse con su esposo, razón por la cual desea desistir de la querella,informa el Listin Diario.

Indicó que espera que el tribunal le levante la orden de alejamiento que se le había dictado en su contra, para que “Vakeró” pueda visitarla en la cárcel de Mujeres de Rafey, en Santiago, donde guarda prisión por un paquete de droga que intentó sacar del país en unos zapatos.

El conocimiento de la solicitud de juicio preliminar, presentado por el Ministerio Público, fue aplazado para una próxima audiencia.

Por Ramón Cruz Benzán

If the hospital does close, all eyes will be on LICH: will the workers and patients calmly leave, calling for more sympathy from de Blasio and the courts, or will the visions of chains, resistance, structural change, and unity become a reality? If this does happen, LICH will be no less a ground for struggle than over the previous year. But with new R.F.P.s on the table, it is unclear where the struggle for LICH will go, and it seems possible that if a full-service hospital proposal is approved, whatever the cuts to staff and working conditions, many will see the struggle as over. This doesn’t mean that nurses, doctors, patients, and other workers will stop struggling. As workers’ patient-loads increase, hospitals stays are shortened, and overall health declines, there is no doubt workers and patients will fight back. The question remains, how?