Surviving long distance relationships
—  The truth is that no matter what people tell you, whether or not they think they’ve got the answer, nothing can really prepare you for what lay ahead. There is no definitive answer on surviving a long term relationship or making it work, which is something everyone finds out for themselves. I have spent ages trailing the internet looking for tips on getting through the inevitable lonely nights, to no avail. Every relationship is different, and there are many people who believe long distance relationships don’t work, especially whilst you’re at uni, but who are they to tell you how your relationship will work? Making a relationship work is the same whether you live together or don’t. There needs to be trust, belief that no matter what comes at you, you can survive it, and survive it for the better. You cannot anticipate how difficult it will be for both of you. There will be plenty of nights where you argue because the distance comes between you and drives you slowly insane. They are more difficult to cope with because you cannot see your partner or hold them. The only difference with a long distance relationship is surviving the nights you spend alone wishing you were with your significant other. For this, there are no secret tips, its about surviving and finding things to occupy your time, or having a goal to look forward to. Skype becomes your best friend and you panic when you can’t get any signal on your phone. Every time you get to Skype them and hear their voice it makes your day. What gets me through is knowing that even though I will be spending more time apart from him than together, when I do see him everything is perfect. For the short amount of time we do get to spend together everything is precious. In a way, better than it was before. Touching their skin is novel. Hearing their laugh and their voice brings you more joy than it ever did before and seeing them smile makes you happier than is logical. These are the things I hold out for. These are the things that get me by, because they are so worth the wait.

Can’t wait to wake up to my beautiful girls in person, but for now, we take what we can get. Thank goodness for Skype, I just love waking up to my sleepy girls cuddling! 😚💻😴
lesbre420 rereanna1 💙💚💜

hehe love you both so much!! xoxo