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Be Kind, Aim for my Heart.

Title: Be Kind, Aim for my Heart.

Rating: T

Status: Complete.

Warnings: Inspired by Queen Anne and Aramis from the Musketeers series (2015) and by Queen mother Anne and D’Artagnan from the movie “The Man in the Iron Mask”.

Summary: As the King’s Musketeer, Klaus Mikaelson took an oath to lay his life down for the Crown if needed be. His musket always aimed for the head. She aimed for the heart without using a bullet. For no one knew he had willingly given his soul to the Queen.


14 May 1643

The King is dead. Long live the King.
May the Queen Regent reign in peace until her son comes of age.


7 June 1654

The golden and silver bells chimed.

Inside and outside the capital’s Cathedral thousands of people awaited for their Prince to take the oath and receive the scepters and the crown.

Outside the majestic church thousands of people happily cheered while those that stood inside the walls of the Cathedral, silently and reverently watched their monarch’s coronation.

The Royal Guard, dressed in their formal clothing for the occasion, lined up in front of the crowd as the Cardinal placed the crown on the top of the former Prince’s head thus giving the nation its new King.

The Queen mother, that for years after her husband’s death has been the sole regent of the country, watched her son with pride; the natural light radiating in from the stained glass windows cast its glow on her still blonde hair under her thin head covering veil made of lace and silver threads. Without turning her head around she felt the scorching familiar gaze that still burned holes in her heart, piercing the back of her crowned head.

She inhaled deeply and balanced herself on her satin soft shoes underneath the wide skirt of her extravagant gown. It was not the subtle, non-overpowering smell of the incense in the air that made her dizzy.

Memories assaulted her and she focused for a moment on the light smoke that rose from the lit candles. So different from the black threatening smoke that filled the air more than two decades ago in this very same spot where the musketeer watching her right now with his intent gaze, was standing.

Her mind traveled twenty five years into the past and she could still feel the shroud of smoke from the bombs rising and the deafening bullet explosions.

“Protect his majesty the King!” “Protect the King!”

That was the one and only phrase louder than the sounds of the firing muskets but only one man protected the Queen.

A ghost of a smile appeared on her lips and no one saw her head turn for a moment, her green eyes locking with a set of blue ones. Eyes that always followed her everywhere she went.

Queen Caroline exchanged a knowing gaze with one of the eldest musketeers attending the ceremony. She looked at him with a need that still burned deep but could never be spoken by her lips. Turning, her head back to her son, she knew that Niklaus Mikaelson was sharing the same pride for her son and untold passion for her.

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anonymous asked:

I wish you'd write a fic where Exvind became the emperor

The King is Dead, Long Live the King.

It is almost an unspoken rule in the Empire - when one Sith kills another, the predecessor’s title, holdings, and so forth are either assimilated by the victor, or destroyed. The mightier the prey, the greater potential rewards. And along the Sith line, there was always the greater, ultimate prize.

Acolytes sought to be Sith. Sith sought to be Lords. Lords sought to be Darths. And all served the Emperor, who was thought to be immortal. 

Darth Exvind Saw otherwise. He Saw Pain. He Saw the echoes of death that surrounded the man. And for the first time in decades, he Saw clearly long enough to coordinate with the major factions in the Galaxy, to guide resilient or too-damaged-to-dominate minds, to lead the final, ultimate strike.

And now he stood, with a dead man’s head in his hands, sitting on a throne that had been held for a millennium. 

Vitiate was dead. Exvind lived. Marr would doubtless strike soon, to establish his version of Order. But Exvind Knew. He knew there would be enough of the Old Guard, those that respected the Old Ways who would validate his deed, his claim, and subsequently gun for his head.

The King was Dead. Long Live the King.

i used to rule the snorld (snail world)
seas would rise when I gave the snord (snail word)
now in the morning I sneep (snail sleep) alone
sweep the streets I used to snown (snail own)

i used to roll the snice (snail dice)
feel the fear in my snenemie’s (snail enemy) eyes
listened as the crowd would sning (snail sing)
now the old king is snead (snail dead) long live the king
one minute I held the sney (snail key)
next the walls were snosed (snail closed) on me
and I discovered that my castles snand (snail stand)
upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand (snail sand)

i hear Jerusalem bells a-sninging (snail singing)
roman cavalry snoirs (snail choirs) are singing
be my mirror, my sword and snield (snail shield)
snissionaries (snail missionaries) in a foreign field
for some sneason (snail reason) I can’t explain
once you’d gone there was snever (snail never)
never an snonest (snail honest) word
and that was when i ruled the snorld (snail world)

it was a wicked and wild snind (snail wind)
blew down the snoors (snail doors) to let me in
shattered windows and the sound of snums (snail drums)
sneople (snail people) couldn’t believe what i’d become
snevolutionaries (snail revolutionaries) wait
for my head on a silver snate (snail plate)
just a puppet on a snonely (snail lonely) string
oh who would ever want to be sning? (snail king)

i hear Jerusalem bells a-sninging (snail ringing)
roman cavalry snoirs (snail choirs) are singing
be my mirror, my sword and snield (snail shield)
my missionaries in a snoreign (snail foreign) field
for some sneason (snail reason) i can’t explain
i know st peter won’t call my sname (snail name)
never an snonest (snail honest) word
but that was when I ruled the snorld (snail world)

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

hear jerusalem bells a-sninging (snail ringing)
roman cavalry snhoirs (snail choirs) are singing
be my mirror, my snord (snail sword) and shield
my snissionaries (snail missionaries) in a foreign field
for some reason i can’t snexplain (snail explain)
i know st sneter (snail st peter) won’t call my name
never an honest snord (snail word)
but that was when I ruled the snorld (snail world)


Sketch Dump - D&D session March 30th, 2015

Ballpoint on paper

Been a busy few weeks, but never fear - I might be offline but I never stop drawing! :D This was one HECK of a session - character death, defeating an ancient evil, the Intern channeling their inner sass reserves….great times all round :)

And taking down an Iron giant of a long dead king to this? Perfection.

thelonglostking asked:

There was a knock at the door. It was raining hard and the sky was pitch black. When the door was opened, Pepper would see Iris and Drake. Iris was holding an umbrella that was half open and Drake was holding a note. The note read 'Gary Smith is dead. Long live the king.' It was in Gary's handwriting.

“….. I….. C-come inside.” Pepper choked, extremely confused but not willing to let her guests because of it. What the hell was going on?

Kantorowicz fled Nazi Germany in 1938, after refusing to sign a Nazi loyalty oath, and settled in the United States. While teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, he once again refused to sign an oath of allegiance, this one designed to identify Communist Party sympathizers. He resigned as a result of the controversy and moved to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, where he remained for the rest of his life, and where he wrote The King’s Two Bodies.

In The King’s Two Bodies, Kantorowicz traces the historical problem posed by the “King’s two bodies”–the body politic and the body natural–back to the Middle Ages and demonstrates, by placing the concept in its proper setting of medieval thought and political theory, how the early-modern Western monarchies gradually began to develop a “political theology.”

acedancer asked:

Coldplay- Viva La Vida

“I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
Listened as the crowd would sing
Now the old king is dead long live the king”

Dark! Verse

Tag: ;;whispers in the dark

Timeline: Post-Hobbit 

Position: Elvenking of the Woodland Realm

Main Elvenqueen: mhysx​ / bxreth

Brief Bio:

For Ages, the Woodland Realm has remained neutral in most of the affairs in Middle Earth. Thranduil has sequestered himself and his people in the middle of the dark wood, refusing most visitors and avoiding contact with the rest of the world, save for his kin in Imladris and Lothlorien.

But in the Battle of the Five Armies, his quest to reclaim his wife’s necklace brings about the death of his only son. Broken by the passing of his beloved son, the Elvenking succumbs to his inner darkness, his mind shattered beyond repair. He now exists only to achieve his own ends and to inflict misery on those who dares enter his lands. 

                    The prince is dead. 

             Long live the king.

anonymous asked:

Not sure if I misunderstood or something, because 'long live the king' is half of the phrase 'The king is dead, long live the king', which is legit and well-known?

i’m assuming this is about We Were Doomed from the Start? And yeah, i know that’s the phrase, but if you listen to the song

it 100% sounds like they say “the king is dead; fuck the king.” In no way are there enough syllables there to constitute “long live the king”

ohracle asked:

1, 3, 15, 17

meme ; accepting

1 )   Do you think that you’re a good person?

meg grimaced slightly,               the question alone conjuring
up phantoms of the long dead.              a king and his scythe,
a red cape the color of DEATH,                the screams of her
brother,       her soon to be sister,       her mother,      and her
lover.        the cries of the people as they were   c u t   down.
all of the    twisted    grins she’d even faced and the pythons
under a human skin. every  d a m n  person she’d ever met.

            ❛ no. but i also don’t think there  A R E  good people – whatever that means.  ❜

3 )    What do you think others like or admire about you?

she laughs, a sharp thing, gnashing teeth and high pitch. it was
a cover up,  and not a very good one, for the moments she took
to let the painful           
r e a l i t y        of her answer set in.

          ❛ my crown, probably. in case you haven’t noticed i’m not particularly likeable. ❜

15 )    Would you always be loyal to your loved ones even if they wronged you?

another    trip    into the depths of hell to watch the ghosts of the
pass dance and flicker through her mind.    every person she’d
ever loved. every family member who raised her, all bretrayed
and trecherous,          
every.        single.           o n e.

          ❛ no. because if they wronged me then they’re no longer my loved ones, are they?

17 )    Why do you love the person or people you love? (romantic or platonic)

she thinks back on the people she’s cared for. small and big,
mother and brother,  lover and friend. they had a few defining
qualities that stuck out at being        …     similar.   it was true. 

          ❛ i love what they STAND for. i love their chivalry and loyalty and kindness. ❜

              i love that they are everything the world has taught me doesn’t
              really exist.             maybe that’s why they are           g o n e.

Episode 146: Rondo Hondo

Episode 146: Rondo Hondo


The countdown is on for you to vote in the RONDO AWARDS this year. We also make note of RECORD STORE DAY in between tracks from FIVE-EAUX, TOMBSTONE BRAWLERS, GWAR, SAM HAYNES, THE BIG BAD and more, along with THE MONSTERMATT MINUTE!


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