Its my birthday today!

So today is my 22nd birthday and I’m stuck at work! Ironically this is also the 1 year anniversary of me being a full time EMT-B at the OST ambulance service. Its raining cats and dogs here in South Dakota, and we’re under a flash flood warning. So all in all it’s a shitty day. But I did get some birthday wishes and I believe my love is working on a cake for me at home. Which she will bring to me, here at work. So that’s really awesome. I’m looking forward to the cheer up. I hope all of you have a good day though. And if its also your birthday today, then I wish you a very happy birthday!

Pine Ridge school hosts first bison ceremony

 “Be proud of who you are. This is our tradition!” said Charles Spotted Thunder as he spoke to the students of Isna Wica Owayawa (Loneman School) in Oglala on Monday, Apr. 20.Students and staff gathered outside of Loneman School for a ceremony for the harvesting and processing of a 3-year old buffalo from the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Slim Butte’s pasture.