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Much brilliant.

“Ingenious”, but more problems created than solved, wrote the Guardian’sMichael Billington of Rupert Goold's Hampstead Theatre revival, and the London Theatre Guide agreed it “asks more questions than it has answers for.” For Billington the attempted parallel between Faustus’s pact with Mephistopheles and the Chapmans’ deal with a Barcelona art dealer to purchase and “rectify” Goya's Disasters of War etchings, fell down - mostly because “Faustus risks eternal damnation in his pursuit of power and pleasure: the Chapmans… suffered the wrath of Brian Sewell, which is not quite the same thing.”

Outstanding central performance from Scott Hardy as Faustus – all questioning and wonderfully spoken, although a little quiet at times. Good performances from Stephen Noonan and Jonjo O’Neill as the Chapman twins, but the weak point is Sophie Hunter as the Afghanistan cameraman.

 The play’s great scene is Vittoria’s arraignment as a harlot in court, and although Sophie Hunter’s Vittoria lacks passion, Oyelowo handles it well, turning on the house lights so that the audience are implicated in a scenario where justice must be seen to be done.

The production will improve as the cast gain confidence, but the evening so lacks pace that during the final bloody pile-up of corpses when the dead are reanimated for a final speech, I felt the urge to give them a helping hand towards expiration so we could go home.

Pics from Silverland (hard to find a good review that mentions her, except one that says she has excellent voice control.)

Much acting


It is fitting that the three witches (Sophie Hunter, Polly Frame, Niamh McGrady) are first seen as nurses speeding their patient to death.

Though their first apparition is a shiver-maker, I grew weary of these weird sisters, especially when they started prophesying in rap.

How does So-So know Rupert Goold?!


Ballsy:  Ooooooo goody!  More lovely research.  Ta!  :D  

Good question.  I have another one.  How does she get these parts when it’s so obvious that she sucks!   I mean, they are going to pick the best pictures from the production to post aren’t they?  And here we have So-So’s “bad acting face” again.   She also gets bad reviews.  How DOES she flit thru life as she does?  I have an idea …

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With the way Ben's been looking lately reminds me of the rumor last year from Datalounge, an anon claimed to be in London theatre circles posted that BC was trying to squeeze so much in his life lately bc he'd recently been diagnosed with a degenerative and debilitating illness. i remember it was disregarded on eggsy bc everyone thought BC looked so healthy and fit at the time, now i'm not so sure.

The reason why it seems unlikely to me is that extreme stress can cause similar superficial symptoms (all that we can see) and that’s much more common. We don’t know and of course anything is possible but at the moment I don’t buy it.


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - The New Musical (x)

London Theatreland!
BBC Radio 2 Audience Award nominated shows at the 2014 Olivier Awards. (Image Credit: David Levene for the Guardian)

Which show do you want to win?


Trailer for the current West End production of Miss Saigon.

a list of deals for cheap west end tickets
  • billy elliot - side of dress circle/front row day seats for £20.70 (credit or debit card required)! go to the box office at 10 am on the day of the performance you want, there’ll be a queue so get there early! the stage is quite high so you can’t see the dancers’ footwork in the front row seats. (a tip i found: be friendly with the person in front or behind you in the queue for day seats, ask them to save your place, and go and ask at the box office if they have any cheap return tickets, you can often get a better view for the same price or a little more)
  • the bodyguard - approx 22 of £25 FRONT ROW day seats available from 10 am the box office on the day of the show! 
  • the book of mormon - a lottery for the chance to by £20 FRONT ROW seats! lottery barrell opens 2 ½ hours before the performance you’re going for starts, winners drawn 2 hours before (so at 12:30 for matinees and 5:30 for evening shows). this is excellent, but is super popular so go for a matinee or earlier in the week if you can for a better chance - also, taking a friend doubles your chances, as you can both circle 2 on the ballot card so each of you is going for two tickets, so only one of you needs to win to see it
  • coriolanus - 20 £7.50 rear standing tickets (all performances except press night). this is a sold-out run of the show (with tom hiddleston in, so) so the waiting time for standing tickets is very competitive, with people camping out overnight for them. i’ve seen people suggest getting there about 5-6 am for a reasonable shot at getting them. if you want to see it i suggest going FAST because it closes on the 13th of february 2014 (and i am unsure if they will be selling standing tickets from the 10th onwards. if you’re unsure best to email/phone the box office and ask).
  • dirty dancing - 8 £20 day seats (maximum two per person) of what is available that day
  • henry v - approx 20 £10 day seats (maximum two per person) of what is available that day, very popular show so get there at least two hours before box office opens, more for peak times. apparently has quite a rowdy queue so be prepared for that
  • les miserables - standing tickets for £10 (or £12.50 on fridays and saturdays). this is an amazing deal i do it a lot you stand at the back and watch a for only a tenner and its beautiful, theres a slight restricted view in that u cant see the very top of the barricade (or u can see over it if ur in the upper circle) but its really not that bad and if u get there early u can stand right in the middle (and you can be the first out of the theatre if you want to stagedoor!). just go to the box office at any time on the day of the show you want to see, i believe they sell them up until the show actually starts so you dont even have to get up early! 
  • the lion king - £10 tickets for standing at the back. sold after the theatre is full (so on most days, avoid early in the week to be sure), so you don’t have to get up early
  • matilda - £5 tickets for 16-25 year-olds! this is such a good the tickets are FIVE POUNDS i mean. thats the price of a good sandwich. you show up at 10 am (once again, there’s a line, so go for matinees or earlier in the week to be certain you’ll get a ticket) at the box office with photo ID (though they didnt ask when i went), and they’ll sell you one ticket per head. the seats are in rows J and K of the upper circle, but - FIVE POUNDS. exciting stuff
  • mojo - 19 £10 FRONT ROW day seats (this is the one with rupert grint, colin morgan, and ben whishaw in. ben whishaw gets shirtless and colin morgan takes of his trousers. idk if that helps). very very popular, get there are early as is physically possible to get tickets!
  • once - FRONT ROW/front stalls day seats at £25!!!!!!  available from the box office, no time is listed on the website but the earlier the better
  • stomp - front row (which is row b, which is confusing) day seats at £20, buy at box office at 10 am
  • strangers on a train - 16 £25 FRONT ROW day seats(maximum two per person), sold from box office at 10 am. this is not a particularly popular production, so depending on the time of week, you don’t have to get there very early.
  • war horse - 16 £15 FRONT ROW seats, this is also pretty popular depending on the time of week - great view from the front row, though
  • we will rock you - £33.25, placement is what is available that day, sold from 10 am to noon
  • wicked - £29.50 FRONT ROW seats (maximum two per person) from 10 am at the box office on the day of the performance. wicked is pretty popular (ha) so there’s quite a queue, get there early!

i’ve only done some of these (planning to do more now that i have a list, though), so if you’re unsure and the deal isn’t listed on the website of the production, i would advise emailing or calling the box office to double-check. feel free to add any others you know of or message me? idk BUT YEAH I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE. HAVE FUN