I have these paper birds in my room from 17883 years ago and I still think they look cool..😛


One of my favourite places in the world (especially since watching the new Paddington film). The Brown family home is basically the most wonderful building ever. I really really want to live in one of these terraced homes, but until I have £10 million to spare I shall have to content myself with drawing them instead…

Watercolour & Ink

Notting Hill, Eleanor Rees Howell, 2014

my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

Transformation Not Tuesday level 300 (my baby hospital bracelet in my hand today.)😛

I edit the look of my blog whenever you edit my feelings.

me: *gives an answer*

teacher: class, do you agree or disagree?

you: well I disagree beca-


"why do you always wear black"
cause i’m ready for ur funeral bitch

Tried to rub the ice off the window and realized it looked like a super hero. 👥


Life in Notting Hill

Following on from my post about the countryside, this collection of photographs is another look at my beginning in photography from an urban perspective.

Notting Hill and the surrounding areas is my London home. A place hat has provided for me culturally, and thus inspired me immensely.

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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