Coat Guy was making fun of the band lol

Hi guys um so my dogs ran away. They’ve been gone for and hour or two. The red and black one in the front is named domino and he’s friendly to people. The one in the back who is tan and black is named Cesar and he is not. They are likely together. Cesar has a history of biting people and he is microchiped. They are both wearing collars but they don’t have their liscenses. They both have their rabbies vaccine.
I live in London Ontario Canada. If you see them pls contact me by text or by calling me on my cell at (226) 977-3697.

If you add me on facebook at /Daniellesiobhanx
I can give you my hone phone number and address.

If you find them pls try to get Domino. like I said though they will likely be together and Cesar is not friendly at all. If you cannot just get Domino
Pls just call animal control and then contact me.

They both are not good around other animal AT ALL. and once again Cesar has a HISTORY OF BITING PEOPLE.

pls signal boost this I just want them back home.