Fall is in the air and nothing beats a hot drink on a cold day.

Warm up with this easy London Fog recipe, and save yourself the Starbucks run.

London Fog

Serves 1

• 8-oz of Earl Grey Tea
• 4-oz of milk
• 3 tbsp of vanilla syrup*

1. Pour hot Earl Grey tea into a large mug or other serving
2. Stir in vanilla syrup.
3. Steam milk, or heat it in the microwave and whisk until
very frothy, and pour it into the sweetened tea.
4. Serve immediately.


*If you don’t have any vanilla syrup, you can easily make some yourself or substitute it with vanilla extract.

To make your own vanilla syrup, in a pot, boil 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. Stir until water has boiled and sugar is fully dissolved. Once boiled, remove from heat and stir in 1 tsp. of vanilla extract.

London Fogs taste like bonfires, dead leaves, the underside of Mary Poppins’ umbrella and the oldest books in the dustiest corner of the British Library - but they taste good.

I first experienced a London Fog in Winchester, at Cafe Monde, a beautiful little place with outdoor seats in the Square. They also do fabulous Steamers - cheap but beautifully cheerful cups of flavoured froth. Since the university catering outlets succeeded in recreating them (they looked a bit funny at me when I mentioned putting caramel in my tea) these must be just as easy to make at home, and when I get my hands on some caramel I plan to do so. Simply brew some strong Earl Grey, mix in a dollop of caramel syrup to taste, and top off with steamed or frothed milk. Wind a wool scarf around your neck, look out of a rainy window, hold cup with both hands, think of dreary poetry and enjoy.

Photo Credit: Hummingbird High

Have you ever had a London Fog Tea Latte? It’s a latte that combines Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, sugar and vanilla- we highly recommend it. If you have, then you know why we are so excited to share this delicious London Fog Tea Cake Recipe with you! This light and fluffy cake is even better with a cup of Stash Earl Grey alongside of it. We discovered the recipe from our friend Michelle at Hummingbird High- thank you for sharing! 

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