I’m the happiest person on this entire planet! <3 This weekend I went to Sherlocked- The Official Sherlock Con and met BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH himself!!!! <3 OH MY GOD! I’m in fangirl heaven and I won’t stop smiling until I’m a thousand years old!! :D He was absolutely gorgeous and nice and when I asked him if it was okay to take his hand, he said ‘Sure’ and now I’m so glad I asked him. SO I ACTUALLY HELD HANDS WITH BENEDICT!! asdfghjkl <3 It was absolutely fantastic!!!!

Actress and singer Nina Mae McKinney (1909-1967), the first Black actress to be signed to a long-term contract with a major Hollywood studio (MGM in 1929) with jazz pianist Garland Wilson (1909-1954) at a Victor Stiebel fashion show in London on April 27, 1933. Ms. McKinney and Mr. Garland collaborated on several songs, including “Rhapsody In Love.” Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)


SCANDAL; “🇬🇧Thank you London!”

London tweets (w/ translations, where necessary) →

- HARUNA: “WORLDTOUR in London🇬🇧 thank you for always! Our first London performance. I feel blessed to have gotten to meet so many people(^^)”

- Tsuchiya-san (SCANDAL’s staff): “United Kingdom, London performance has ended! The first step towards a country which we’ve been influenced by!! The response is certain!!”

RINA has also revealed that they’ll be staying in London for the next 4 days (26 Apr - 29 Apr, original tweet here). After that, the band will head to Germany for their one-man live there on 30 Apr.

Additional photos from @scandal_tomomi, scandal_band_official @ IG and @fumilife-san.