Today I’m wearing my new handmade, seven fold cashmere tie from Viola Milano. First starting with gemstone, silver and leather bracelets, Viola Milano very recently increased their product range by offering some amazing handmade ties. The collection includes soft cashmere, like mine, as well as crisp grenadines and silk jacquards, basically covering most of your neckwear needs all in one brand. 

After a great first impression, I would definitely say that Viola Milano’s ties are fully comparable to the likes of Drake’s, Passagio Cravatte, Borrelli, Salvatore Piccolo and other high end makers. The cashmere models are very light compared to other cashmere ties I’ve tried. This results in a beautiful knot that isn’t too chunky, something that according to my experience is often an issue with wool ties in general and cashmere ties in particular. 

Viola Milano is without a doubt one of my new favourite tie brands, and I am certain that this won’t be my only tie from them for long.

Unconstructed wool/cotton jacket - Sartoria Lombardelli for Alessandro TellinixGeremia

Tie - Viola Milano

Shirt - Morris Heritage

Bracelets - Viola Milano

Cardigan - Hennes&Mauritz

Pochette - Eton

Moleskin trousers - Morris Stockholm

Suede dubmonks - Meermin

› Book Show: In Bloom at Italia Happening in Wien

In Bloom at Italia Happening, an exhibition on artists’ books recently published in Italy held in Wien at Salon für Kunstbuch.

In good company with some books designed by 3/3:

Fabio Barile, Diary n° 0 – things that do not happen
Mizu no Oto – Sound of Water
Salvatore Santoro, Saluti da Pinetamare
Eleonora Calvelli, In Bloom
Bruno Tobia and Fabio Stassi, La città nascosta
Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza, The narrow Door, fanzine #0
Simona Filippini and Igiaba Scego, Rome LOVE

And with books published and/or designed or simply by:

A Certain Number Of Books, Gianpaolo Arena, Federico Barbon, Alessia Bernardini,Nicolò De Biasio, Blisterzine, Monica Bonvicini, Edda Bracchi, Boite, Choisi, Cranico, Delebile Edizioni, Direct Cut, E Il Topo, Flip project, 3/3, Humboldt Books, Alice Guareschi, Gabriel Kuri, Landscape stories, Le Dictateur, Michele Lombardelli, Madness & Civilization, Tobia De Marco, Mousse Publishing, Marco Mucig, Maurizio Nannucci, Nero Magazine, Nomade Arteideologia, Officina Typo, Osservatorio Fotografico, Palermo Direct Cut, Bolo Paper, Federico Pepe, Armando Perna, Edizioni Precarie, Print About Me, P420 Gallery, RawRaw, Rorhof, San Rocco, Luca Scarabelli, Spaziolabò Edizioni, Filippo Tassinari, Teatro Balocco, The Cool Couple, The Exhibitionist, Nico Vascellari, Andro Vekua, Von Holden Studio, Yes I am Writing a Book.

Salon für Kunstbuch 21er Haus Arsenalstrasse 1, A-1030 Wien

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Jacket - Sartoria Lombardelli for Alessandro Tellini x Geremia

Shirt - Mattabisch Napoli

Vest - Morris Heritage

Tie - Viola Milano forest green seven fold cashmere

Pochette - Stockholm Kravatt

Trousers - Caruso (moleskin is the way to go)

Shoes - Meermin Linea Maestro split toes