Juguemos de nuevo¿Donde Darren es Feliz? mmm dejenme ver mmmm <rueda los ojos se tira al piso > NEXTTTTTTTTTTT , sigue participando PR . Pido perdon por la intromision en la foto( no Lea no Darren) , pero las pruebas estan a la vista eso es todo señor juez la defensoria descansa…. Avisenme cuando la cosa sea creible. BYEEEEEEEE


Did you know that there’s a United States Board of Potatoes? They’re real and they put a considerable amount of research into our favorite press release of theirs detailing two things we hold near and dear here at Small Girls: potatoes and Millenials! 

Of course, you can’t talk potatoes without mentioning Napoleon Dynamite, tater tot pro and true inspiration to us all. Get your daily dose of potatoes with Napoleon’s video above and the press release here

Who doesn’t love MadLibs, especially when they take the place of a traditional press release? 

Slider Pines, a local band from Dallas, knows what’s up and did just that. 

Check it out above and laugh along with us and the band!