Embarrassing fandom confession

I … don’t really care about Wonder Woman.

I mean, I think she needs a movie yesterday, and I’ll probably see it when it comes out, but I just can’t click with the character.

It’s mostly the costume. Like, she’s meant to be this figure of pseudo-Greek myth, but her costume owes more to the American flag, and that’s meant to represent freedom? Why would she ally herself with the USA when that’s in no way her heritage? It makes me uncomfortable.

Likewise, I’m a bit side eye about how she’s never even fancast with actresses of Greek heritage (under-represented ethnic minorities in Australian media: people of Mediterranean descent) and is always drawn as a warm-skinned, blue-eyed, all-American type of girl.

These things don’t bug me with Steve Rogers or Clark Kent because they were raised in the US and are products of that culture. Wonder Woman shouldn’t be.

BASICALLY, I’d be here for a reboot or interpretation that isn’t All About The United States. If that exists, please point me in its direction.

One day I want to go to the US but it would just be SOOO EXPENSIVE because I would want to go to a lot of different places to try and stalk my net friends, so I don’t know exactly when that would be. (probably years from now).

things I want to do if I ever go to the US:

    • try every single one of those obscenely horrifying sugary breakfast cereals
    • stand creepily outside the windows of my friends houses
    • go to Walmart at least once for the lulz
    • see if mcdonalds really does taste worse because that’s what heaps of people say
    • eat lots of bagels
    • see if their timtams taste the same or not

clearly it would be a holiday well spent.

(i would do legitimate, well-worthy things too though of course)
(also I want to go to Canada too)