" ‘Point/Counterpoint’ is a terrible song." - Tomas Kalnoky

Wallpaper time? Yes, indeed!

Wallpaper with the theme of one of Streetlight Manifesto’s well-loved song, “Point/Counterpoint” and a style inspired by Saul Bass, an amazing artist that specializes in this awesome style.

Click the image for the DeviantART page with the download link!

The resolution is in 1920 x 1080, if you need a custom resolution, hit me up in the Ask box on my page! :D

The hand on the gun does, indeed, suck. And yes, I do know that the casing would be separate from the actual bullet in the lung, but you know, it looks a lot better with the whole round.

There’s also an Easter Egg within this wallpaper! Find it and you win a cookie!

Hint: “I can’t stop staring at the tick-tock clock.”

anonymous said:

Yo, I'm actually going to go get your poster design printed out either later today or tomorrow and I was just wondering what size you were originally going to sell them at? I don't want to distort the image by choosing an arbitrary size. Thanks!

Alright, so, uh, see, I never got the size in inches but I got them in pixels so the dimensions were 6330px x 8192px and the resolution was at 300 DPI (I honestly don’t know much about this I was just gonna print it from RedBubble). The RedBubble page offered up different sizes from Small (16.4” x 21.3”), Medium (23.4” x 30.3”), and Large (33.2” x 42.9”).

I think any of those resolutions may work (I say print out the small or medium, but I REALLY don’t know), but if you find one that works well with the pixel dimensions then, by all means, print that one.

Also, thanks a lot! I’m really happy someone wanted to print it out! :)

ALSO: Here’s a link (again) for those who want it.

From that cool lookin’ shirt at the RISC Store!

Vector made in Illustrator CS6, this is just an export of a vector, but I’ll still call it a vector since I can scale it infinitely.

The name is transparent in case you wanna plaster it anywhere. I can also change up the surrounding box color if any of you would like.

Free to use, just don’t say you made it or whatevers.

Toh Kay Maze © Tomas Kalnoky / Toh Kay / RISC Store

Enter the maze for the DeviantART / Download page (click it)!


Streetlight Manifesto & Co. Icons!

These are some transparent renderings of those logos featured on the Streetlight Manifesto webpage (minus the Toh Kay one and weird unknown one, sorry)

Each icon is 4000 x 4000px and if you need me to change the color (or size) of one of them, just hit me up (unless you already know how to change them, then do it yourself, you lazy bum).

Links! All links are DeviantART links.

Use as you will; I know that I’m using the Streetlight one as a custom patch design. What’ll you make with these? Stickers? Stencils? Icons? Signs encouraging the destruction of Victory Records?

Thanks for taking a look at these if you do!