Guys I’m going to restart my second town and make it a pretty zen bamboo town because I really like WoW’s mists of pandaria and the only thing that’s stopping me is Marina and Lolly are on that file and I love them and I don’t want to get rid of them but like ???

help me. 

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Also Tyrion’s got this whole manpain thing about the fact that pretty women don’t fancy him (while he himself has nothing but contempt for non-pretty women like Lollys, of course), but on the show they obviously do so…

YUP. I was considering writing an essay about the brothel scene specifically and explaining Tyrion’s lens and all (which as you noted, is super misogynistic), but instead I think it’s going to be broader: how GoT is sexist but ASOIAF isn’t. What could go wrong?

Anyway good morning all I had a dream I was Bart Simpson me and Millhouse did cartwheels n ate ice lollies it was gd