Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here  —  Schoolhouse Rock

Because NinjaSpyBoy had it stuck in his head.


I saw that Lolly wasn’t just wearing a comfy sweater, she had one on display. So I bought it from her, and waited for what felt like an hour while she slowly, slowly, slowly walked all the way around her table and counter to come over and sell it to me. Then I put it on, because hey! Twins! I want to know if she’ll ever comment on it. She hasn’t yet…

yo yo yo i can’t adult during half terms, i legit just slept till 12.30 and im eating an ice lolly for breakfast. I am legit falling apart

calypsophan asked:

today i painted my entire mouth black with the emoiest lollipop ever to emo (all black. the lolly, the wrapper, the stick, everything.)

food //


anonymous asked:

3, 6 + 14 {#•-•#}

Yaaayyy :)

3. Five facts about my mother

1) She’s called Sally
2) She was born on 6th March 1968
3) She’s really pretty
4) We don’t get along very well because we’re so so different (not really a fact but oh well)
5) She has great hair tbh

6. Five facts about my best friend
Guess I have to write about several because otherwise I’ll feel bad

Sereno aka couchpathetic
1) She has really pretty brown hair and brown eyes
2) She’s an Aries
3) She is an amazing singer
4) She can’t throw a lolly into a bin to save her life 😂
5) I love her to death and couldn’t live without her 🐝

Ellen aka melonxxx
1) I’ve ‘known’ her since before birth
2) She has two adorable little siblings
3) She lives 45 minutes away so we barely ever see each other 😔
4) We both love Miranda Hart and saw her live together last year
5) She used to love Harry Styles and it made me laugh

1) She is a twin and her sister is called Abbie who I also adore
2) She was born exactly two weeks before me on 17 August
3) She loves Harry Potter
4) She is super flexible (we dance together, forgot to mention)
5) She works her butt off everyday and I admire her so much

14. Five facts about my favourite movie
Don’t really watch movies so I’m going to be boring and go for Mean Girls

1) It came out in 2004
2) The main character has the same name as me just spelt differently (wrong)
3) Tina Fey aka 'Ms. Norbury’ wrote it
4) Damian is amazing and my spirit animal
5) You can only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays

jfc anon that was really long I hope you appreciate that my friend and if anyone read all of that god bless you