Anyone interested in some custom shoes by me? I will take on any challenge you have for me. If it helps any, all my proceeds are going to new materials to make even better art for you guys and occasionallyu paying for my insanely expensive college books :(. Prices range from $20 for little ones up to $30-$60 for adults depending on the finished project. You can either send me the shoes you would like or I can pick them up from a store near me. So many of you guys and girls on here keep telling me to post more about my shoes so here ya go!!! Please message me if you are interested! 


I’m so tiredd from work today, gotta get up early for class then prepare for shamrockked…arghh so much rave stuff to get together. Anyways, for all the other night owls on tumblr that are gonna be up for a bit, I bid you farewell and goodnight!

Sweet Dreams,

~Tommy (Hikaru)