Roller coaster through the atmosphere,
I’m drowning in this starry serenade,
Where ecstasy becomes cavalier,
My imagination’s taking me away.

After 3 years I finally finished a painting! (」゜ロ゜)」
Throwback to 7 years ago where I wrote these lyrics in our derp journal and never made the picture to accompany it. Happy Birthday Amberly! (*^ワ^*)

Kano is Amberly’s
Xavier is mine

“We should have known that a gift from Ken was no gift at all.”

A few years ago, Ken gifted a cat to Abraxas. He was a ball of white fluff with two wide, golden eyes and the kid named the cat Fish Sticks after his favorite food. The kid carried the poor creature around like a rag doll, but the cat seemed content, even happy to be treated as such. They became inseparable very quickly, and Fish Sticks never let Abraxas leave his sight.

As the years passed, the cat began to change. He started to get bigger.. a lot bigger than any house cat should have, despite his very slow growth. His face had started to become more angular, more tiger-like than house cat, and his paws were massive. Abraxas renamed him Taters, after his new favorite food, and the fact that his now apparent stripes looked like “squiggly french fries”. He was still perfectly content to be carried around like a rag doll, although his feet now dragged closer and closer to the ground. It was comical to watch the kid struggle to drag the cat everywhere, tripping over the cat’s now long and fluffy tail, hiking the cat up higher onto his chest to support his weight. The cat tolerated it like he always did, so long as it was Abraxas. Anyone else got sharp lines of red across whatever the cat could catch.

Well, I guess I got a little sick of being sassed by a cat. We’d tussle a lot, especially when Abraxas was away at school. I got so pissed off at the stupid furball one day that I threatened to feed him to Ray. That didn’t go over very well. Abraxas argued with me the whole night about it. Pre-teens. They think they know everything. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I asked Ken to take him back.

“A gift once given cannot be returned. Taters is not like any other cat. He is not a house cat, but he is not like Vod. He was made to protect Abraxas, and protect him he shall.”

Great. I guess I should have listened to everyone when they said Ken’s gifts are like curses. Because I don’t have have enough of those in my life already…

A nice change of pace on the stream today. The viewer giveaway winner requested Ashe from League of Legends and so it was done! #art #artnight #draw #drawing #riotgames #riotart #leagueoflegends #leagueart #lolart #heartseekerashe #leaguegirls #gaming #gamingart #fanart #botlane #adc #lcs #digitalart #anime #animegirl #ashe #twitchtv #zombgief

I honestly can’t tell if they’d be bffs or constantly bicker with one another.

Just a redraw of the sketch I did in July.
I might redo the whole set