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I don’t usually do these, but I got tagged and I dunno, it seems cool.

What is your favourite part of the day?
Definitely the night, when everyone’s asleep, and you can sit there in the darkness with your books and your music and your solitude and just listen to nothing. It’s like the shadow of thought over the wastes of the day.

What colour is most dominant in your wardrobe and what do you think this says about you?
Green. I have green shirts and sweaters and socks, and now a scarf, and I think it means that I like peace and tranquility, because it always seemed to me like a pretty calming color. It always kind of puts me at ease.

If you could change one thing about humanity what would it be?
People wouldn’t be so mean to each other. They wouldn’t talk so much, they would listen, wouldn’t feel the need to belittle, to tear down, to be shitty shit suckers. I mean its not like they have to care, but just listening would be enough.

Have you ever bought an item, broken/ruined it the moment you get home, and then tried to return it to the store blaming the quality of the product (and thus hiding your clumsiness)?
Not really, but I’ve blamed a broken picture frame on my sister or brother, I can’t remember. I’ve told a lie to make myself sound cooler and seem more important to someone I cared about, and when I got caught in it, I just kept lying and lying and lying, and even though I’m older and wiser I still think about it sometimes and feel a little sick inside.

What is your favourite way to cook/eat potatoes?
I like hash browns so I guess mashed up and fried. I can’t cook to save my life though.

If you could only have five personal possessions, what would they be?
These are hard: my iPad, my copy of a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, my flash drive with my novel and other assorted works on it, my gray notebook, and my scarf.

If you found yourself in a disaster movie would you prefer to be on a deserted island, on spaceship, or in a forested wilderness? Please explain your reasons why.
Forested wilderness. It’s always seemed like a calming place to me. The trees and paths and crinkling of shoes in undergrowth. Although, in a disaster scenario, it would probably be one of the creepiest places to be.

How long do you think it’s taken you to answer these questions so far?
A little under ten minutes.

Do you think that is really an adequate use of your time?
Probably not.

What should you really be doing instead?

And now, ten questions for ten tagged people:

1. If you could destroy one person, atoms and everything, who would that person be?
2. What’s the last sentence you wrote and what do you think it says about you?
3. What if you were about to go blind in two hours? What would you do?
4. If you could make one person God in your life, who would that person be?
5. What’s your favorite thing to drink?
6. What’s the last thing your hands touched, other than this screen?
7. If you could only take one thing in an emergency, what would it be?
8. Are you a sweater person?
9. Can you play a musical instrument?
10. What’s wrong with people?

pros and cons list...

So i have to write a 500 word essay on why i want the London scholarship….


- out of the country experience

- gain a larger perspective of the world’s culture

- complete classes toward a degree in Psychology

- observe and be part of a different social system, be more open- minded

- see things I would normally never get to see

- visit one of the places where I’ve always wanted to go

- to visit my dream place

- do simple things like bike ride on cobblestone streets

- feeling of independence

- change my view point on people, families and  traditions

- artwork!!

- appreciation of world culture and acceptance of differences

- create lasting memories and hopefully create a passion to travel more   often.

- meet new people

- learn in a new way

-understand the basic day to day relationships of people living in London


- expense

- weather

- family/friends

- familiarity

- what cons??? I freaking going to LONDON!!!!!!! :)

Our lives in three days

Day one. The air is burnt and your aura calms my heartbeat. Lay your head, scruffy hair and scratchy jaw against my collarbone and I’ll let you feel my heartbeat. It’s steady for now. You are steady for now. Day two. I massage my fingertips into the stony weathered bench and my books lay stacked high and crooked. I’m biting the cracks on my lips and darting my eyes while I wait for you. Finally some wind blows to stop the sun from scorching my neck and spine. Day three. I get the shower started. Steam and heat fog up the mirror and I wipe it clean. I like what I see today. A beautiful blank canvas.


Lyle Beniga | Wale - Bait [HD] [Best viewed 720p & up] (by MovementLifestyle)

Amazing video concept im stealing… plus this is just siiiiick!