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Dan: You will never use that many sticky notes, that’s like 1000.
Phil: I’m just going to use them to leave messages for you around the house.

So, it begins.

Dan finds the first one on his wardrobe.

Then, there’s one on the door.

Another one on the fridge. ((of course he finished the cereals))

On the keyboard of his laptop. ((*blushes*))

Even on the toilet paper. ((omg phil ur so weird))

After a few days, Dan finds another post-it on the wall. Although it’s not funny anymore, he decides to answer because, well… it’s Phil.

They keep writing to each other even if they live in the same house. ((we’re hopeless lol))


Okaaaaay, I don’t even know what I’ve done ????? I apologise for my bad handwriting and I hope I wrote all the words correctly, lol. I don’t know, when I heard Phil talking about leaving random sticky notes around the house, I thought it was soooo cute, so I made a few (?). Oh, and the things I put in brackets are Dan’s thoughts.

So y'all don’t think I’m making this shit up lol…this bus driver stopped and pulled over to go inside Jack n the box to get some damn ice water. Miiinnnddd you she was already more than 10 minutes late when she picked up at my stop. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this. The first time dude when it’s the BBQ spot to get food 😩. What are y'all doing out here?! Lol this could not be a thing in NYC or Jersey. Those passengers would have y'all heads lol.

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fluff prompt souharu - haru comforts a jealous!sousuke :^) (sorry if I ever sent this twice! I was not sure if it got through)

I definitely didn’t stay up till 4 am writing this instead of sleeping.  Nope.  Anyway, the continued adventures of Olympic celebrities Haru and Rin, and Haru’s bf Sousuke.  Also domestic souharu because I’m weak.  I love these dorks.

“Haru, what are you wearing?” Rin asks in a disbelieving voice.  His eyes survey Haru’s outfit incredulously. “Just… how?”

Haru shrugs, indifferent.  “My warmups,” he mumbles, as if that should be obvious.

Rin runs a hand through his hair, gritting his teeth.  Leave it to Haru to do something this ridiculous right before a fan gathering and act so distinctly nonplussed.  

“Why are they… pink?”  Rin honestly doesn’t want to know the answer, but he can’t just let Haru be seen during public events like this.

Haru blinks, and then glances down, as if he’s just realizing for the first time that his uniform has gone from a crisp white to a dull salmon.  “Sousuke messed up the wash.”

Rin chokes.  Beside Haru, Sousuke makes a small moaning sound and hides his face behind his cellphone.  

“He- what?  Haru, those are official Japanese National Team uniforms, you can’t just-”

“I like them better this way.”

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She might have been able to trick a Frey or one of the Brave Companions, but the Dreadfort men had served Roose Bolton their whole life, and they knew him better than she did. If I tell him I am Arya Stark and command him to stand aside … No, she dare not. He was a northman, but not a Winterfell man. He belonged to Roose Bolton. (Arya; ACOK) 

Could his sister truly have escaped such captors? How would she do that? Arya was always quick and clever, but in the end she’s just a little girl, and Roose Bolton is not the sort who would be careless with a prize of such great worth. (Jon; ADWD)