caothuhuong said: Do you see the Pete’s interesting face when he tried to make room on Earn?? HAHAHA I love this scene so bad! 😁😁😁😁

aaaaah how come I haven’t seen your reply before?! srlsy my tumblr’s acting weird these days, sorry Cao… it’s like there are some alienish interferences LOL…. or ngerngustish interferences most probably hahaha xD

and YAAASSS YAAASSS I love that scene so much too!!! I laughed so much and, c’mon, let’s say it, it was sexy toooo hehehe xD Pete was really interested to seat near Earn…. or probably ON HIM??!!! lmfaoooo srsly look at his smile while he keeps pushing him ahahaha xD

aaaaaaaaaaaaawwww ♥

adjectivebear asked:

Hair, windpipe, hands

Hair: What colour looks best on you, and what’s your natural colour?

Well natural is a dark brown, buuut I don’t see it often :P Definitely a dye addict. I think the best are darker, like black or plum. Bright pink was fun though ^^ Apart from turning everything I owned the same colour lol. Never been blonde - one day probably!

Windpipe: Answered before!

Hands: Are you an artist/writer?

Heh, I suppose I am an artist but for some reason I never consider myself one ^^ Silly really when crafting is part of the same spectrum. And it’s my job so…yes! :P I think it’s because I admire so many 2D artists, that it doesn’t feel the same? I dunno, probably just me being a muppet as per usual xD
I do write stuff, but I don’t think a few months of doing a few drabbles makes me a writer ^^ Probably a future thing when I can no longer hammer the crap out of leather :P

Thanks again for the questions! :D