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Sorry for making you sad with your last asks.How about some fun ones? 1, 3, 8, 74, 83, 91

Haha, nah anon, I just gave emo answers, but I love talking about myself so here we go!

Tunes: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no idea! I have not been listening to a solid playlist because Pandora, but I’ll try to figure out 6 songs I like pretty consistently

OctaHate by Ryn Weaver, still kickass, still better listened to loudly with headphones. Apparently there’s a music video, do with it what you will. Don’t Ed Sheeran because I liked it and then my brain got all FREUD ugh and yea still like it. Bottom of the River Delta Rae if you have to ask go listen now. Switzerland The Last Bison, it’s friendly, I like it! Bedroom Hymns Florence + the Machine, seriously, love most of her music, but especially this song, it’s a dance in the storm song. Like when I dance in storms, I’m humming this and scaring the neighbors, it’s great. Lastly, Hallelujah by Panic! at the Disco. IT’S STUCK IN MY HEAD AND WON’T GO AWAY BUT I LIKE IT AURGHHH! Also, it’s exactly 3 mins long. Which is magic.

I AM SITTING NEXT TO MY BOOKSHELF WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME~ ok I grabbed Shifting Shadows an anthology put together by Patricia Briggs who is beautiful and I love her and HEY I’m on that page well that’s amusing “If she were reduced to her other aspect, the one who could only follow the orders of the power that gave a forest lord dominion over the beasts in his forest, all would be lost” aaaaaaaaand exactly where I stopped reading, good call anon/op. If you had spoiled me I would have been cranky, nice luck there!

Girls are from Venus, Boys are from Jupiter~ Girls are attractive, Boys are… also attractive. Everyone is attractive HALP Never did understand that one rhyme, it encouraged girls to be primpy and ridiculous and boys to be idiotic, and just a bad influence on classroom dynamics in general.

Pump it up!~ Kiss With a Fist by Florence+ the Machine, seriously, it’s like aggressively happy I LOVE IT

BaDump~ All the music made me jump to Heart Attack by Demi Lovato, then Heartlines by Florence. Otherwise it would be the phrase bleeding heart, I always liked that one. Partly because garish imagery is always fun, but also my mother always used to say I was a bleeding heart when I would cry over roadkill or people intentionally killing moths and grasshoppers. not linking songs because I’m laaaaaaaaaaazy

You’re a badass, kid!~ Shapeshifting. Or, if everyone else is eating them and getting superpowers, the ability to copy peoples powers. Shapeshifting always seemed so cool, wanna fly? BAM! You’re an eagle. Wanna be a dude for a day? BAM male genitals there you go. Wanna cure this kid’s cancer? BAM you’re a microorganism go kick that cancer’s butt! Unlimited awesome possibilities