Thinking about Sherlock and Jim sharing a bed always does things to me.

Sherlock falls asleep easily, surprisingly, because usually sleeping is hard for him, sleep is boring and useless and he tends to try to avoid it as much as possible, but somehow it isn’t so bad with Jim around, somehow Sherlock is calmer and more at peace, and somehow his racing thoughs can slow down for a while.

Jim though just can’t fall asleep, stays awake next to Sherlock, silent, just watches him, because Sherlock looks so beautiful and Jim gets a chance to just admire him. Jim doesn’t even want to sleep, because part of him is still afraid that it’s all just a dream and Sherlock won’t be there anymore when he wakes up. 


remember those ancient theories from back when we didn’t even know what was under finn’s hat about how he must actually be some horned creature and not a human like ??? i wasn’t obvs in the fandom at that time but that was wild as hell

i also happened to think about liz princess at the same time lol it’s painful to love such a minor character

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My friend called me last night after she finished reading Allegiant (Divergent series) and she literally sobbed in my ear xP  lol so I thought this post was appropriate xP 

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filming a variety with a group like bangtan must be quite easy because they're so comfortable with each other. some other groups are just awkwad with each other in a boring way e.g. exo: no shade for them (i like them too) but showtime was just them awkwardly eating with each other

they’re so squad it HURTS

Uragano 2015

Hello everyone!

As the previous year, me and alfionmars went to Uragano, in Italy and we’re ready to share our experience.
Just a quick note: unfortunately, this is more a tragicomedy and has a bit less Les Twins facts. But there are and they are great , tho. So, if you wanna just know about them, skip to their part. If you wanna laugh at our pain (lol) keep reading and enjoy 

Ok so we had our flight from Rome to Palermo at 8.30 more or less and few days before, our company change our schedule to 10.35. Not too bad.
We went to the airport and we saw  that our flight has been cancelled because of a fire that happened about a week ago. *you can start dancing if you wanna lol*
Trying to keep focus, we run through all the freaking airport trying to get another ticket but we got nothing.
We came back to the check in clerk and they told us the next flight will be the next day after midday, which was horrible due to the fact that Uragano last two days and a half and that the twins were possibly performing that night.
After seeing us in pure despair, the clerk signed us for a stand by ticket for the flight at 14.00 that afternoon.
Note: that flight is supposed to be full, but if someone doesn’t show up, we could get in. And there was still another chance with the 19.00 flight.

Full of hope, we waited and went  looking for our gate. Delay… no sight of our flight. We found out that a radar of the control tower of the airport has broken… we couldn’t believe it.  We waited again, sadder and sadder, knowing that the stand by list was long as hell and we started losing every hope.
After a total of 7 hours of despair, it was our turn and when  the flight assistant told us we could go, we started crying of joy.

That evening nothing great happened.
The next day we followed some classes and still got no sight of the twins. We though they were supposed to arrive earlier…
The night it was show time. Twins were definitely going to arrive and perform, so we got to the place in advance and took good seats. Too bad, the stage was covered, but the audience seats were in  an open space and it started raining. We stayed there getting wet and cold but we were waiting for them to show up.
We found out they lost their flight from L.A and that they were stuck at the airport in Rome for the same problem we had. We lost hope again. Then it started raining very hard and we all went into a small hall nearby.

After waiting a lil bit, me and Alessia decided to go back to the hall or our room. She went  out but I got stock in the crowd and I hear a voice telling me “I need to go”. A bit upset, I replied “I can’t move”. Then again the voice answered “I really need to go, I have to perform” and  I was like wat??
I turn back and I saw Laurent gently pushing me to pass quickly followed by Larry (I thanked God I didn’t shouted at him lol)

We followed them in order to understand where they were going to perform. Turned out they were just landed and headed to their room and turned out also that their room was just in the corridor next to ours.

The rain was not going to stop but  the show wasn’t  either.
Totally wet, after running up and down the place, we got lucky and when the show started again, we were right under the stage, as you can see from the amazing video Alessia recorded.
They were just amazing as always and we screamed and jumped at their faces and everything.

Late at night, we saw them dancing in a Latino room. They were extremely beautiful.
After that, we managed to stop them for few seconds. We showed them the pic we got at the club in Rome and asked for a hug. They both gave us full hug. It felt really warm and cozy…
We got to sleep at 5am and got up at 8am to start the other lessons.

Then it was time for Les Twins’ lessons. They were funny, stunning as always. Lau made his screams, Larry made us do the “cook the eggs”  move and the choreo was pretty hard.
After that, we tried to get to them. We had a gift for them so we needed to find them.
After walking all around the place few times, we finally found them but they were talking with the other “bigs” and we were afraid to interrupt them. After seeing other people coming to them and getting pics, we went too with our gifts for them. It was a colored tank top for lau and the optical tank top you already saw for Larry.
Lau enjoyed our gift and said he loves everything fans make for him, then he hugged us again and gave us a big kiss on our cheeks. We were so happy.
Then we went to Larry. He saw the package and was already grinning like a baby 
Fun fact, he lost his baggage at the airport and so had no change of clothes for days.
When we came to him he said “please, tell me this are underwear.” and we started laughing.
We gave him his tank top and he reeeeally loved it. He was screaming, smiling hard, telling us he would wear it son after (so he did) and thanked us for giving it to him. He said “I love you, I love you, I love you booboo!” and hugged us really tight.

We really had good time, Uragano always feels like home and dancing with the artists you love is impossible to describe. We will never forget how everyone made us feel and especially how the twins made us feel… even if they were extremely tired, upset for their delay, they gave us full attention, they gave us all their energy and it was just amazing.

Uragano is and will always be freedom

ps. pliz forgive my grammar mistakes, I wrote it in a hurry..