Wash's "hallucination"
  • Wash's "hallucination"
  • season 12 ep 9

i was rewatching s12 the other day and the scene where wash was “hallucinating” never made sense to me because a) he had passed out so it was more of a dream than a hallucination and b) as scary as locus can be i don’t think he has hallucination superpowers where he can implant himself into the conscious of another person (OR CAN HE) 

anyway upon rewatching it over and over again (because im anal like that) the “you shot him!” in the beginning of this clip doesn’t really sound like simmons, but rather a lot like doyle (scolding locus as they arrive at base maybe?) and then there’re those drums in background that sound like a heartbeat getting stronger right after wash shoots his gun (a defibrillator?) and then you hear doc grey calling for wash, the sound of a heart monitor, and doc grey sounding relieved so 

tldr; i’m 10000% sure wash was flat-lining and nearly died just before doc grey brought him back 

it legitimately always f*cking baffles me when people say charlie is the sweetest/nicest outta the group. he’s endearing for sure… but he’s not even close to the nicest?? he’s extremely manipulative and mean, n i love charlie dont get me wrong but like… he’s not the nicest in the slightest

Dan: You will never use that many sticky notes, that’s like 1000.
Phil: I’m just going to use them to leave messages for you around the house.

So, it begins.

Dan finds the first one on his wardrobe.

Then, there’s one on the door.

Another one on the fridge. ((of course he finished the cereals))

On the keyboard of his laptop. ((*blushes*))

Even on the toilet paper. ((omg phil ur so weird))

After a few days, Dan finds another post-it on the wall. Although it’s not funny anymore, he decides to answer because, well… it’s Phil.

They keep writing to each other even if they live in the same house. ((we’re hopeless lol))


Okaaaaay, I don’t even know what I’ve done ????? I apologise for my bad handwriting and I hope I wrote all the words correctly, lol. I don’t know, when I heard Phil talking about leaving random sticky notes around the house, I thought it was soooo cute, so I made a few (?). Oh, and the things I put in brackets are Dan’s thoughts.


We feel exactly like everyone else does because I haven’t seen anything else, I’ve just seen the trailer, and I just saw it today. So we’re excited as everyone else is. (x)

Please read

So I guess this was gonna happen sooner or later but I decided today was the day, I’ve just felt like tumblr is sorta like a get away not in like “oh wow I’m depressed I come here to get away” more of like a place I come to have a good time and be myself not really having the fear of being looked at funny.

So it’s the place I want to be most comfortable at, so this is me asking you guys to no longer refer to me or call me Ariel and no longer use she/her pronouns.

My name is Tyler and my pronouns are He/Him.

I thought I would put off coming out as trans for a longer time due to just where my mind was at at the time but a great friend of mine has opened my eyes a bit hehe and has really helped me and i love him for that.

But thanks for taking your time to read this and spreading the word would mean so much, again tumblr is just a fun getaway for me and with that I really just want to be myself and you guys have been so amazing so this is just another step. Thanks again!