#day 465 #daily #sketch #challenge #art #illustration #sketching #sketchbook #drawing #doodle #ink #pen I was thinking this morning how funny it is that we call people animals. “You are acting like such an animal!” … Lol. Like I would never consider placing a human on such a high pedestal. Not once in the history of animals did a lion stop mid chase and say “hmmmm maybe I’m NOT hungry today.” They pursue their goals relentlessly, humans do not.They eat and function on only what’s absolutely necessary. They live without want for anything that isn’t already there’s. When they kill, it actually has a benefit. They sleep peacefully, they interpret nothing. They simply exist. And finally they die without kicking and screaming. I’m not 100% convinced we’re superior. One should be honored if someone considered you an animal. But more importantly… I really don’t want to go to class today.

i’m just so perpetually frustrated with the show’s treatment of jemma simmons (specifically s2 jemma simmons.) like her self-confidence per episode seems to depend on the tides and the planetary alignment and the color of shirt jebjed whedon was wearing when they wrote the pos episode. jemma has always had faith in herself and her abilities, and suddenly she’s been turned into ‘but i only really care about fitz’ + ‘following orders sure does make me feel better about myself.’ like, you do realize ‘i like following the rules and doing what’s expected of me, it makes me feel nice’ was supposed to be a funny line, right showrunners?  jemma simmons is disrespected weekly by the writers of this show and it seems like this is just the cherry on top. oh let’s make her super shady this week, and ultimately it’s going to result in a super traumatic event for her! lol! like fuck you show. fuuuuck you.

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Omg what if johnlock is going to happen in the special but not in the normal Show??? :/

i answered an ask like this a while ago and let me tell you why you have nothing to fear friend

 tjlc has been planned since the very beginning. every subtle line that made you think “lol that’s a bit gay” was PREPARED WORDS. they have spent so much time on this, so much effort keeping it secret, they’re not going to do all of that just for one episode. also, i highly doubt the special is simply set in the victorian era. it makes no sense. TPTB have stressed how sherlock is a ‘real’ show, that’s why there can’t be a wholock crossover. well one of the reasons anyway. i personally believe the theory that the special is entirely sherlock’s mind palace (there’s some brilliant meta on why he does it but i want to keep this short). there will be hints and clues about johnlock just as there is any other episode- perhaps more seeing as sherlock can be ‘honest’ with himself in his own head, you know? that’s what i think anyway, but if you’re ever in doubt about TJLC just look at this:

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So where do you get your poster tubes? How much do they cost and what has the shipping been looking like for you? I ask, as I plan on opening up my own storenvy with prints, and was looking into how to ship them.

I get my packaging from LOL what a shoCKING NAME

u can get poster tubes fairly cheap in bulk \o/

it varies but mailing tubes out has usually hovered around $2.50-$4.00 each for me depending on the distance!! International orders can be more expensive obv.

Dear Marvel,

If the reason you haven’t written a Black Widow movie is because you lack ideas, I can totally do it. Probably get some help from the tumblr-verse (there’s some really creative people here, to be honest). So here’s kind of what I was thinking– as a warning, my facts aren’t solid-solid, so the logistics might be a little off, so bear with me:

Some people want a Budapest movie, but instead let’s rewind it a little bit. Natasha is still a part of Red Room, you know a super-spy and what not. She excels at what she does, but at times still works with a team (these would be somewhat colorful characters, someone the audience can appreciate but still feel a little mistrustful about because they’re killers). You see Natasha and the others kill people, steal, spy, etc. and throughout their escapades, we’d see like close ups of Natasha and whatnot, see that she may not be as okay with it all as she pretends.

Her boss kind of notices this and reminds her about why she’s there and how they are her only family, etc, etc. During a ballet performance (I suppose she’s still apart of this), she meets Clint who reveals that he knows who she is and is offering her a deal (expose who she’s working for or get taken into SHIELD). They’d obviously banter, but one of Natasha’s teammates, disguised as a bouncer, would ‘escort’ Clint out of the auditorium. Going backstage, Natasha changes from ballerina to BAMF super spy.

Then she goes after Clint. Surprise, surprise, he’s not easily taken down and, surprised that she got scratched or something, Natasha leaves. Maybe Clint hits her with a poison arrow and she stabs him before disappearing. Whatever way, it’s not the final face off.

Natasha has more missions, feels a little more guilty as time wears on. Probably sees the new young girls being trained for the widow program. She’d ask her boss about why she was chosen, what they’re fighting for, and he’d feed her lies, lies that Clint had exposed during their run in at the ballet.

So Nat’s extra conflicted for a while (you know how heroes have that dark scene where they’re all ‘who am I?’ and other existential thoughts)

 Finally, Natasha and her team are sent on a massacre mission. It’s supposedly to recover this child who’s got something special about him that her boss wants. But she hears her boss orchestrated this to also help ‘get the real Natasha back’ maybe, idk. While she’s there, we see Clint and other SHIELD agents rushing to Stalingrad (I guess that’s where they are) and we’re all watching, conflicted because Natasha is heading the mission to kidnap the kid and kill all the family and agents protecting him, but Clint is there to kill Natasha and her team.

I was thinking Clint would probably eliminate like one or two of Nat’s team, but when Nat almost kills the kid’s father, and she sees the boy crying and remembers some latent memories of her past, she decides to do something good and goes about hunting down her team from where they are in the building and Clint witness this (he sees how truly skilled she is and that there is hope for her because she saved the kid) and he goes to confront her.

Natasha waits for him to kill her, but Clint instead offers a hand. And she’s surprised, but Clint’s like “we’ll find a home for you” or something and that’s the birth of their friendship and tada look at that a black widow movie I came up with in fifteen minutes, look at that, go ahead Marvel, begin drafting, we’re waiting. 

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does jacket sneeze like a chicken? have you ever seen a chicken sneeze? there's a vine going around of a chicken sneezing and it's the funniest shit ever, if jacket sneezed like that he'd scare the shit out of everyone

what sounds do chickens even make when they sneeze?? lol

still cute tho

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fobbychink? thats like a black person using something like 'slavenigger' as a name. what are you doing? is this suppose to be cute or funny? you need to slap the inferiority complex outta yourself or you will go on life as a mental slave. albeit you might be a happy mental slave. and racist whites might enjoy your self humiliation, but others will want to see you use hang. too much inferiors in this world. sad.

wahwah shut up lol

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55: Would you consider yourself “clingy”, “overly attached” or “jealous”?
I am very clingy and needy for attention. :’D It’s funny because I am the total opposite with anyone else in my life. I always ask him for lots of cuddles, but  thankfully he is always willing to reciprocate and I think he likes knowing he is that important. Also if we are away for a while I get upset if we don’t message each other every day.
As for the latter, no I am not a jealous person at all. We are comfortable enough in our relationship to say things like “this tv show character is attractive” or “wow she has amazing boobs” and nod in agreement LOL.

56: Have you ever “destroyed” a relationship?
Noooo. O.o; I mean, I’ve broken up with someone before but that is obviously not what the question meant.

57: Do you think it’s silly to consider suicide because of a broken heart?
I don’t know… that’s a dark question. I think if people are emotionally unstable it can make them consider scary things like that, which is sad because nobody is worth your life.

58: Are you the “dominant” or the “submissive” part in a relationship?
….. I’m 99.9% sub. I don’t know if that would surprise people or not. I actually had to come to terms with it last year and thought it made me a weak person. I absolutely detest being the boss or being assertive. But luckily I am in a healthy relationship where my submissiveness is not taken advantage of and my independence is still very much encouraged. :)

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what is joss whedon's problem? like i seriously don't understand why he's so pressed about bucky rn??

lol I saw something about how he’s itching to direct for dc and someone else said that he also expressed interest in doing Star Wars, and it’s like, son, you better believe that JJ Abrams would use his skull as a sex toy before he’d let it happen

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Have u ever seen that vid I think it's backstage of 'the show' and bts had to answer questions real quick - in like 60 secs or summin and when asked who they thought was the most handsome member they all pointed to themselves but Tae pointed to JIMIN (he didn't realise tho) I thought that was so cute

yes i think i know what you’re talking about lol

tae is constantly reassuring jimin that he looks good just like jimin is usually careful with calling tae 4d or alien. ofc they have their bouts of teasing each other where jimin will call him an alien or tae will call jimin ugly but that’s like this stupid thing they do because they know for sure that the other doesn’t want to hurt them and it’s really cute

so jd and turk, so cory and shawn, so adorable

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I am a self loathing smoker (lol was the tumblr handle a clue?) and agree with you on all fronts IT IS THE WORST pero important question querida: what perfume do you wear? I've been loyal to Lolita Lempicka (the original, purple bottle) and I feel like you prob have similarly devoted perfume feelings?

none of my perfume is actually that expensive and actually I have kind of middle-brow taste about it but lemme do a rundown. I don’t have a signature but I never smell my regulars on anybody else.

I have

  • Our first Christmas here he got me Mariah Carey Luscious Pink which I never wore because it doesn’t smell good but it did of course come with bubble bath and also that Christmas he wrapped a box of tampons for me
  • Lucas’s mom bought me Lola by Marc Jacobs in 2008 or so, he told her I wanted something in worse taste like Chanel but she said, this is what girls wear now, she’s not an old lady. Karlie Kloss was fifteen in those ads. I’m glad to possess this piece of history and even though I’m not heavy for rose it is great in the sweaty summer
  • In 2012 I wrote “[Lancome] La Vie Est Belle is the dumbest thing that ever happened but it’s like some loving maternal bosom that I never had, it’s like Coty Airspun Sweetex, kind of crusty but billowing. It’s got tonka bean, vanilla, and(and!) pralines, fucking pralines. It is Julia Roberts in puffy soft-focus, it is warmed powder pinks, it is probably exactly what Julia Roberts smells like. Is “la vie est belle” really anything you would say, as a French speaker? It better not be. It is the most tasteless thing I have ever seen or smelled, and I want to sleep on it forever.” then Lucas bought it for me for Christmas. This is is my favorite when I need a shower
  • Prada Candy is my favorite, this one and La Vie are my most signature
  • One Direction Our Moment is all fruits and washed hair but it’s actually totally lovely 
  • Most recently I wished for the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream because it has my favest bottle in the industry right now which also became, after Christmas, bridal vibe. It’s not really something I would normally wear but it’s highly nonthreatening. I find his statements to be dull but very layerable. I also have a mini roller of Honey (maybe my fave of them, I tend toward rancid burnt sugar and sweat kinds of things) and the classic Daisy that I circulate between. I like Honey on my forearms and a Daisy in my hair.
  • Britney Spears Circus–one of my fruitier regulars, actually, but still a little vile. I wish I had Midnight Fantasy!
  • I bought Tokyomilk Dark Tainted Love for Ashley, loved it and kept it, bought her her own. On her it smells a little like gin and on me it smells like rotten white flowers and gasoline and vanilla. I love, love it.
  • I wear Calvin Klein Downtown a lot but I couldn’t tell you what it smells like
  • I have a ton of deluxe minis that I really like because they are tiny replicas of the real bottles but they only smell like alcohol anymore and a tiny velvet case full of tiny vials of other stuff I used to rotate more 
  • Once I used up a whole sample of Miss Dior and this is my absolute worst personality trait

what I want most is Flowerbomb which is maybe highly pathetic. what I want second most is actually not TF Black Orchid but TF Velvet Orchid. I still haven’t found the celery-cedar-sugared-pansies-on-fire fragrance of my dreams

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What is John Abraham up to? Seems like he sort of fell off the face of the earth. Do you think he has a chance against the new crop of boys in Bollywood who seem to be filling that "pretty boy" position very well?

He’s shooting Hera Pheri 3 with Abhishek! Jodi No. 1 is back!

(I don’t know about the movie itself, but I can’t wait for the promotional tour lol)

He also has Force 2 and like two or three other films lined up. He’s doing fine. He’s not in competition with the new crop of boys (which makes sense considering he’s like 14 years older than them), but he’s never really been in the rat race anyway and he always ends up surviving somehow.

So, this is my go to for pears (and peaches - they make no sugar added for them too).

I have tried liking fresh pears (and peaches), but I am a die-hard canned pears (and peaches) fan- you can blame my childhood.

Anyways, I have been eating this product for awhile now, and I love it. Also, zero points people! A random thought came to me today- If I think these taste great as is, what the hell do the sugared ones taste like? I can’t even remember - so clearly I am not missing it. LoL

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i don't mean to tell you where to be angry, but i will not support our people by burning down houses where families live. cops are another thing. no offense to you, i am angry but do not want to hurt innocent lives, how can i fight for change without fighting those standing next to me? this revolution cannot be on the back of the innocent - am i wrong for thinking this?

there are casualties in war. cops want war they’re trying to poke us and irritate us until we snap so they can have an excuse to kill us. which is odd because they kill us for no reason anyway so like lol what the point

ur not wrong for feeling the way u do but. how u deal with ur feelings and how i deal with mine are completely unrelated. sometimes it feels good to break a window. better than shoving someones head through it

remember when JJ was born and we we’re all like “ no don’t ship Tom and JJ it’s wrong” “ how do you think Jensen and Jared would feel about this ” but lol they are the ones who ships them the most

● Danneel calls JJ “Jaybird”, so Tom says “I wanna play with Jaybird!” Tom has a crush on JJ

● Jensen and Jared joke that JJ has two choices: older and younger (Tom & Shep)
“Keep it in the family!” 

●  Danneel sent Jensen a video of JJ during Halloween. Some little boy (4-5 year old) in a Spiderman costume came up to JJ and said something like “nice chicken costume” (Jensen couldn’t remember exactly what). JJ looked at him, pursed her lips, and went “hmph” and turned around. Jensen was very proud of her for that.Jensen: “And then Tom came and punched him in the I’m just kidding” 


● Jared’s already told Jensen he has to pay for the wedding 


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Can you expand more on your headcanon of why Draco would be more protective? That was the only answer I was like huh? LOL Not that I disagree, just curious as to your reasoning. :)

Sure :) 

I just imagine that once Draco finally has Harry to claim as his own, he won’t let anyone make fun of him or do anything. I know that a lot of people look at it like Harry would be more protective (because of what it would be like after the war) but I think Harry would be more calm about protecting Draco. Draco would get really wound up over the little things people said about Harry. It doesn’t matter how big or small. He would also get upset when people judged their relationship more, and he would be protective of Harry when people judged him for it.

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What are the asos jeans called that you wear? and how do they fit? Do they make your butt look flat? some jeans do lol

Asos Ridley jeans. They’re so comfy and the material is very stretchy so they don’t squeeze your butt like Zara jeans 😭

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Do you know of any decks $20 or under that you'd recommend?

Oh man. 

So many!  SO MANY!  This is gonna be tough to answer actually lol, I don’t know what your tastes are.

So I hopped on Amazon really quickly to see which decks of mine might be available for under $20 and it looks like most of them are 20


, like 30 cents to a couple dollars over, but if you’re willing to maybe get something used and search around on ebay, options open up, and I ALWAYS recommend Fenestra and Secret Tarots, and they’re both in this slightly over-budget price range.  Searching for mini decks sometimes also opens up some options, I know the Secret Tarot is available in mini for under 15 I think

Here’s really quick a list of what I’ve seen on Amazon under 20 in the past like.. idk 10-15 min.  I don’t have most of these, but I’m familiar enough with them that I feel safe in recommending them.

  • Shadowscapes is super popular, I don’t have it but everyone who does loves it
  • Morgan Greer, been thinking about adding that one to my wishlist
  • Mucha Tarot, on my wishlist
  • Deviant Moon, not my style but I hear it gives good readings
  • Wildwood Tarot, if you’re… more pagan/druid-y
  • Enchanted Tarot, I love
  • Paulina Tarot, my very first deck <3<3
  • Joie de Vivre tarot, Paulina’s sister deck, which I don’t have, but it’s cute
  • Housewives Tarot
  • Zombie Tarot
  • Mystic Faerie Tarot
  • And usually the RWS or its basic clones are under $20, like the Universal Waite or the Radiant Rider Waite, etc

This should get you started :)