Oh my god. I was just stalking Jade Thirlwall from from Little Mix (absolutely love her and Little Mix) and I found this old video, from over a year ago and never realized that she was one of these girls that also fancied Harry at bootcamp…

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Of course now that Josh has done his bearding duties at the Met Gala he is nowhere to be found with Karlie tonight at the Calvin Klein dinner. She goes on more dates in NYC with Derek and Joan Smalls than she does with her NYC based 'BF'. LOL

Hahaha. Good point.

Weighed at work today (long story but we had a fitness trainer in for a “Lunch and Learn” and she has a scale that measures BF and is a lot more accurate than mine at home) and I’m down to 10% BF. Now, that was the goal I was about to push for, so seeing as I’m already there I’m gonna keep going leaner. Clearly it takes a super low BF percentage to see my abs 😂. All 10% is sitting right on them.

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Alex is such an asshole in his early tweets but he's so nice to Leda and stuff.... Like why is he such an ass to everyone else? I think they're dating but not telling anyone because they constantly tweet and text. He's a dick it makes me sad. I wish she got back w Matt they were good together. But now matts an ass to her over the Internet but maybe he has a right to be? Sorry I'm rambling.

I dunno, from what Matt and people he associates with have said, Matt really has a right to be. I never liked them together. She always seemed bored and he looked to be really into her. She probably is dating Alex tho lol. All of her bfs have had emo swoosh hair


Watching Mystic Pizza. Don’t laugh. lol Actually for being a teen comedy/drama, whatever you wanna call it, it suprisingly has some morals and was pretty real. The one guy/bf actually feels guilty hooking up with his girlfriend at her parent’s house. And it makes him feel shitty that she doesn’t want any committment but wants to just sleep around. Now-a-days that would be laughed at. And he would have been ridiculed. But its pretty cool to see. Cause i know that shitty feeling pretty well by now. The only thing i didn’t like was how he kind of was pushy about marriage. Like, that thing’s gotta be smooth. Not “I love you! We need to get married” But i guess its all at the guys discretion anyways. If she isn’t cool with it, than she says no. No big deal. But yeah. In a perfect world, things would flow smoothly.. So i guess it was a pretty realistic scenario. Just felt like watching something i haven’t watched in awhile tho. Not really my favorite movie, but you gotta switch it up sometimes. Variety is key. Thats one cool thing about having a 1000 count vhs collection.

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help i tried to have sex with my bf at the weekend (both of our first times) but he's really big and i'm not just saying that he is haha and we couldn't get it to go in very far and it was just a bit embarrassing for both of us!! he was literally pushing me up the bed but it just wasn't going in!! we laughed it off ofc but do you have any tips to help us out next time lol thanks! (from a girl who is now worried that she has a mutant vagina because his dick dont fit ahah)

ahahahaha just use like lube or something to help it go in. I highly doubt you have a mutant vagina but try it a few more times. If it doesn’t go in and you’re really worried, go see a doctor!