Shooting Stars

I’ve finally written the ‘shooting stars prompt’ – thank you @allabouttheabbey for your kind words of encouragement on this one! The original prompt is from otpprompts and reads –

Imagine your OTP is watching the stars and Person A closes their eyes after they see a shooting star. Person B, who can read minds, hears Person A wish in their head that Person B would kiss them. So Person B does, surprising Person A. Bonus if it’s their first kiss. (I’ve obviously changed it slightly to make it more realistic).

Robert finds his fiancée in the rose garden, tears glistening in her eyes, and he is glad that she doesn’t seem to be angry with him as she moves further along the bench to accommodate him.

‘I didn’t think Mama would be so against our marriage,’ he says, rather lamely.

‘Well, I’m American, new money and from a Jewish family,’ Cora says, in a voice sharper than it was meant to be, ‘who would want me as a daughter-in-law?’

‘Oh, that’s not quite true,’ he says at once, ‘well, I mean, you are American, and new money, and from a Jewish family-’

He bites his lip, unsure about how best to reassure her, but to his surprise she laughs, placing her hand on his – a gesture that feels so foreign to both of them that she removes it quickly.

‘Miss Levinson – Cora – what I’m trying to say is that I’m sure any mother would be thrilled to have someone as lovely as you for a daughter-in-law. My mother will come to realise that, it just might take her a while because she’s English and old money and from a very prejudiced family.’

She laughs again, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand and smiling at him. He smiles back and places his hand on hers; reciprocating her gesture from before whilst silently amazed at how beautiful she is, even when she has been crying.

'Look, even the stars agree with me,’ he says, nodding at the meteor shower above their heads, and she gasps, enthralled by the sudden beauty of the stars.

‘They’re so pretty,’ she says, gazing up at them in awe, and he cannot help but find her enthusiasm refreshing and rather endearing.

‘You’re prettier, though,’ he says, completely truthfully, but also unthinkingly – privately, Robert doesn’t see how a few pinpricks of light can outshine the stunning woman next to him. Cora turns her head at this, smiling at him, and he jokes, ‘make a wish, then.’

He doesn’t expect her to take him seriously, but she does, closing her eyes at once.

‘I wish-’ she whispers, and he cannot help moving slightly closer so that he can hear, ‘I wish Robert would kiss me.’

Robert’s eyes widen in surprise, but before he can think about what she has said she has opened her eyes, clearly assuming that he has not heard her. Honestly, it takes a huge effort on his part not to kiss her then and there, as he now knows she wants him to, and as they are finally unchaperoned, but he realises that she may think he had only done so to grant her wish.

‘Thank you for cheering me up earlier,’ she says now, their hands still entwined, ‘I promise I won’t embarrass you like that again.’

‘Oh, don’t be ridiculous, you make me proud, not embarrassed,’ he says, squeezing her hand, ‘and I promise that I will talk to my mother. She honestly won’t be so bad once we are married – Rosamund and Marmaduke were in a similar position to us and after they married Mama was much better.’

‘He is English, though,’ she says, and he cannot deny the truth of her words.

‘Yes, but you’re a great deal more attractive than him,’ he reasons, and as she laughs he looks at her and realises, quite suddenly, that even without her murmured wish earlier he still wants to kiss her.

‘Can I kiss you?’ he blurts, still feeling the need to ask although he knows her answer will be yes, and she nods, blushing.

‘Of course,’ she murmurs, and then his lips are on hers and he is kissing her gently, in the rose garden with the stars shining above them, and for a few moments, the world is theirs. It isn’t a perfect kiss, Cora knows, not when the love behind it is one-sided, but his lips are so soft and the setting is so lovely that she cannot help but feel that it is certainly a perfect beginning.

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