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Santana's rant against Kurt.

Before I start this let me make one thing clear: although I will tag this also as ‘lol santana’ I don’t want to put the blame of that awful rant on her. But I’m afraid it also won’t be forgotten when there will be future posts about Santana and Kurt’s further interactions on Glee: she unfortunately did say that in canon and imo it sadly completely (should have) ruined Kurtana’s friendship.

So, this post is not about Santana, it’s about RIB (the writers), and especially Brad Falchuk. They are the ones who put those words in Santana’s mouth, thinking it perfectly okay and even 'funny’ to insult one of their main characters and actors in this vile way.

Let’s break down some of the things that were said:

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When you call me ‘lady’, that’s bullying and it’s really hurtful.

Kurt Hummel, Glee

If you think Kurt doesn’t mind it when Santana calls him ‘lady’, you’re wrong.

If you think that there is nothing offensive about Santana calling Kurt 'lady’, you’re wrong.

If you think that Kurt never calling Santana out on it shows that he doesn’t really care, you’re wrong.

Unpopular Opinion? I'm kind of on Schuester's side about Santana

Sorry, but it’s true.

Look, I respect Santana as a strong female character or whatever, and I understand that in many ways she’s just as closeted and scared as Dave, but honestly?

It’s about time she got called on her shit.

Because one of the differences between Dave and Santana is that Dave’s actually encountered the consequences of his actions. He nearly got expelled for bullying, and he eventually wound up blackmailed and humiliated - but you know what? It prompted him to change, to try and improve himself.

Santana’s had it fucking easy, especially in this fandom, where if you’re a boy and a bully, you’re a monster, but if you’re a girl and a bully, you’re just a Strong Woman Who Tells It Like It Is. FUCK THAT NOISE. I didn’t have a “Karofsky” growing up - but I sure as hell had a lot of Santanas who made me feel afraid and ugly and worthless.

But oh, it must have been because I deserved it - because I was loud and awkward and dressed weird like Rachel, and those bullies were just Strong Women Telling It Like It Is. Every time we get a scene of Santana tearing into Rachel, a part of me cringes, because you know that the audience is laughing with Santana but at Rachel, as if Rachel brought that bullying down on herself.

So while even I like Santana’s character in the long run and find her funny, I’m actually glad that she’s finally, finally, FINALLY encountering consequences for being a selfish, power-hungry bullying bitch who has ALWAYS played both sides to grab more attention and power for herself.

Yes, she likes Glee. But she’s never been loyal to it. She’s never been loyal to anything. The one time she took a social risk was when Brittany was endangered by the cannon, and that was it. She sticks with Glee because it’s fun but you know what she’ll do if something better comes along.

But people are saying, “But Sue’s such an evil bitch - you can’t expect Santana to defy her.”

Really? You know who HAS actually defied Sue? MERCEDES - one of the most derided, laughed-at, and overlooked characters in the series. Mercedes defied Sue - first, she sang “Beautiful” and refused to wear a skirt even though Sue ordered her to, then she defied Sue again by quitting the Cheerios because she didn’t like the person it was turning her into.

Yup. MERCEDES. These days people laugh because Mercedes can’t find a man and equates tots for love, but in season one, Mercedes was TWICE the woman that Santana is NOW.

This is the season where Santana needs to change, to realize, encounter, and accept the consequences that her bullying and her selfishess have brought. So I’m glad that Will actually brought the fucking hammer down and stopped putting up with Santana’s “I can get away with anything because I’m hot and you’re not” bullshit.

She proved herself a violent liability to the team’s ultimate success ON THEIR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. She has proven that she’s willing and able to sabotage her own team on a regular basis. Why should anyone have to keep her on?

I’m hoping that getting kicked out and rejected by New Directions gives Santana the impetus to put her confidence and her intelligence and her cunning to actual GOOD use, and become the brilliant person she could be - rather than the sneaky, morally ambiguous bitch she currently coasts as.

This has been unpopular post. Bring it, bitches.

Santana Lopez-Pierce attended court-mandated anger management classes and now works with at-risk youth, teaching them how bullying and betraying your friends repeatedly will ultimately lead to love and acceptance with absolutely no consequences for all the pain you cause.
With her newfound bravery, Santana decides to audition to be Rachel’s Funny Girl understudy. Even re-keyed and retrofitted with pop styling, “Don’t Rain on My Parade” is way, way beyond Santana’s ability, but she’s cast regardless, mostly because the director feels he can capitalize on the relationship between Rachel and Santana. But even by Glee standards, Santana’s casting requires a pretty massive suspension of disbelief. The show’s over-reliance on Auto-Tuning in its most recent seasons has made it easy to forget that Lea Michele is Glee’s best female musical theater vocalist (and probably best female vocalist, full stop). There’s no reason to settle for a lesser talent as an understudy, especially in New York.
—  Vulture

anonymous asked:

i just read your rant. ok, but, you know kurts not real? :)

No, but Chris is, and the Santana rant was obviously partly directed at him for some BTS reason (which you would have known if you had actually understood my post), and that’s a main reason why people are so upset about this.

They insulted Kurt’s looks and therefore also Chris’ looks, parts of his body he has expressed being insecure about and being severely bullied for. They mocked his sexual orientation (which he shares with Kurt) and even sex appeal. They ridiculed his sai swords skills, the episode he wrote, his love for elderly people, his dancing moves (which were a big hit during the 2011 live tour), and ironically those were all things the Glee writers eagerly accepted and even asked Chris to put in their show.

And even though Kurt is “not real” he is/was important to a lot of people who identify with him, among them young, vulnerable, LGBTQIA+ people, and/or kids who also got bullied because of who they are. With this rant the Glee writers didn’t mock just Kurt but also all those many other efeminate/bullied/gay and otherwise vulnerable kids that looked up to him.

It’s fine if the Glee writers would simply not care about these kids and only see them as people they can get ratings and merchandise/iTunes money from. But most of Glee’s promotion is basically bragging about how they care for and give a voice to the underdogs and misfits, making a difference in the world (“post Glee gay” anyone?). The Glee writers pretend to care, they are hypocrites who pride themselves for caring for gay rights, bullying, the entire LGBTQIA+ community, and they gladly accepted awards for the way they handled Kurt’s storylines and what he meant to the LGBTQIA+ community. So to see him beaten down, bullied and kicked in the gut over and over again in the past few seasons hurts and is dead wrong, even though he himself “isn’t real”.

Like it or not: television is a powerful and influencial medium. And Glee is (now) aimed at impressionable high school kids. Letting one supposedly ‘good’, gay character tear down another good, gay character in a vicious homophobic, effemiphobic, misogynistic and ageist rant, and portraying that as totally okay, without any talk or apology offered afterwards, even treating it as a joke we’re supposed to laugh at….. if you can’t understand that Kurt being a fictional character has very little to do with why people are upset about this, I don’t know what to tell you.

Why do people keep saying that Dantana is a more “mature” relationship than Brittana? Just because Brittany is more innocent and child-like doesn’t mean that she didn’t love Santana or didn’t give her a real relationship. Besides, Brittany and Santana were best friends long before they went out and knew each other well. Whereas Dani and Santana bonded over how awful bisexuals are for a few days before going out. Brittany was there for her in her darkest hour, and people shouldn’t forget that

Look, agree that Kurt had no right to interrupt the proposal, but you can’t deny that it was effemiphobic, that it was insulting to both Kurt and Chris because it insulted how he looked, and Glee is absolute trash for thinking it’s okay to say that whatsoever, especially about their only award winning actor and i cannot believe RIB is wasting Chris’ talent on this god forsaken show that should’ve been canceled after s4

1. Kurt’s mouth looks like “a cat’s ass.”
2. Kurt equates cooking macaroni and cheese with being “at the apex of the gay rights movement.”
3. Kurt looks like he “just removed the top row of [his] dentures” when he smiles.
4. Kurt looks like an extra from “one of Andy Dick’s more elaborate wet dreams.”
5. Kurt is a “breathier, more feminine” Quinn Fabray.
6. Kurt is obsessed with old people.
7. Kurt drapes himself on every piano he passes, “entertaining no one.”
8. Kurt is a “sexless, self-centered baton twirler” with three dance moves.
9. Kurt is “utterly, utterly intolerable.”

This is not funny. This is not Santana being “herself”. This is bullying, and I’m actually scared that so many people found this funny, and is defending her, and actually putting the blame on Kurt and saying that he deserved it.


Because Kurt has been bullied for longer than we’ve seen (it clearly didn’t just start when glee started) and as much as he wares a suit of armor and appears strong. All the bullying and hurtful things said to him chip away at him a little more.

To the point where we see this, an adult being complimented, but who’s been told he’s wrong so many times that he can’t believe that he’s good enough to have done that. 

  • Santana is mean and calls Kurt homophobic names, makes fun of Rachel, is rude to everyone but Britt: fave character
  • Tina finally sticks up for herself and has confidence and acts basically the same as Rachel and Santana with real talent and drive to back it up: gets yelled at by fandom