So, remember those Loki-holding-babies wips I talked about?  I finished one.

UNNECESSARY BACKSTORY: so Kat and I rp some things, and one of the things we rp is this universe in which Loki and Bruce Banner hooked up and had a little blue, horned hulkbaby.  (Makes perfect sense, right?)

Anyway, their baby’s name is Rama.  If he looks familiar, it’s because i have in fact drawn him before.  

yesyourestillabozo said:


  • who cooks normally?: Bruce because Loki does NOT BOTHER HIMSELF WITH MEAGER TASKS SUCH AS COOKING. Sometimes he makes Bruce tea tho.
  • how often do they fight?: Often
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Nothing different then what they do normally.
  • nicknames for each other?: Loki calls Bruce “Banner” most of the time, and I don’t think Bruce really has any nicknames for Loki
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Bruce. 
  • who steals the covers at night?: Loki
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: I don’t think they’d get each other gifts. I mean, Bruce buys Loki McDonald’s fries, and Loki returns the favor with exceptional blowjobs, does that count?
  • who kissed who first?: Loki kissed Bruce for funsies
  • who made the first move?: Loki
  • who remembers things?: Bruce probably Loki doesn’t care enough unless it has something that can benefit him.
  • who started the relationship?: It isn’t really a “relationship”. They have sex sometimes and Loki thinks that Bruce is the only one intelligent enough to speak to him. And Bruce just gives zero fucks and that’s basically it.
  • who cusses more?: I don’t think either of them cuss very much.
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Probably not even give two shits. I mean Loki’s the villain so he probably would be THE ONE WHO HURT BRUCE IN THE FIRST PLACE and Bruce probably would’ve hurt Loki when he hulks out and puts him in his p l a c e

[Part One of Loki/Bruce AU]

You: Loki was bored of studying sorcery and magic. There were no one to hang out with, since his exercise freak brother Thor is hanging out with his ‘friends’. He wondered about about this another dimension called Midgard, therefore the adolescent demi-god made an impulsive trip to Earth. He hid himself in shadows of dark alleys and watched people day and night. So far there was nothing fun other than robbery and murder he saw.

Stranger: (Would you prefer young!Bruce or regular Bruce, professory Bruce? xD)

You: (hmmm i think any of them can fit in here… go for your guts:D)

Stranger: (Kay. Older Bruce it is. <3)

Stranger: (Angst and all. xD)

You: (older as in his age from Avengers?)

Stranger: (Yep.)

You: (okay :D)

Stranger: -since the incident, he has kept to himself- -has thought about leaving the city- -but it’s still his home- -and while he feels incredibly lonely at times, at least he knows this place- -manages his condition- -and has gone back to teaching- -busy with his research otherwise- -but sometimes, he allows himself to have an evening out- -like tonight- -even if it means just a cup of coffee in a small coffee shop with a large book about radiation in front of him and glasses on his nose-

You: Watching violence and gore of the backstreet was boring the little god of chaos out. He needed to see something more fun, more dark and… that was Loki saw Bruce who reeked of anger and conflict. Although Loki could not read minds, he sensory of depicting emotions was very sensitive. Feeling like a lured predator, he jumped out of shadow and tugged the shabby clothes.
"You are a funny one."
The deep viridian eyes gleamed.

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… just kidding.  I am eating up all the Rama love like candy.  Delicious candy.  And I blew the wad on a family pic of dinnertime.  Bruce and Loki tend to do a lot of good cop/bad cop.  It’s not hard to guess which is which.

…Shoot, I just got another idea for a Rama doodle.  Gosh darn it.

Errr….  trying to yank myself out of my art slump, I’m taking a break from drawing SRS ART, I guess?

So here’s a random scene from my Bruce/Loki RP with Kat that no one cares about.  Loki’s been up to some shady business, trying to break an unbreakable spell.  He’s been roughed up a bit, and all his pretty hair cut off.  Awww.  Bruce and Rama are less than impressed.