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Imagine passing by a poster of your favorite band, they are playing in your city but the tickets are sold out. You jokingly tell Loki “if someone got me tickets to that I would drop my pants immediately” you wake up the next day and all the members of the band are tied up in your apartment with their instruments. Loki emerges smugly from the kitchen and say “if you’d drop your pants for a ticket, what will you give me for this?”

  • what he says:I'm fine
  • what he means:the 1982 Dazzler comics were some of the most beautiful things to come out of the Marvel universe and it's honestly baffling that we have not gotten a movie where Dazzler has not been included. She can literally turn sound into light. She wears discoball finished high-heel roller skates. She is in a band. She's a rock star. She literally dazzles people. She punches men who objectify her or don't treat her with respect because she's a hot babe. Her backstory is tragic and about how her dad was abusive to her mom and she finds out and sets shit right. She's beautiful. She literally turns into light and glitter some times. She D A Z Z L E S people. The early 80's aesthetic is so wonderful and I would sell my soul to see a movie made today about her. Please

Hawkeye is dad
Thor is the cocky big brother
Cap is grandad
Black widow is the sister that is misunderstood
Hulk is the nerdy guy next door that has a crush on the sister
Quicksilver is the jock brother
Scarlet witch is the weird little sister who’s over shadowed by the twin
Iron man is the cool uncle that everyone loves


Personally, I think Tom looks SOOOOO damn good right now. Like probably the best he’s ever looked. He is working the fuck outta that extra blonde hair AND he’s currently “built like a brick shit house” for The Night Manager. He also appears to just overall look more refreshed like wow honestly screw you Tom, get worse with age pls, not better, for the sake of us all.


Apologies for the lateness of this Darling Bromance post my Loves! The past 3 months have been full of preparation for my parent’s vow renewal and this Saturday it was brought to an end. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was full of family, friends, and laughter. We’ve had family staying with us for a few days and they just left today so without further ado, here is Darling Bromance Day 25!

*credit to laineygossip.com, hellomagazine.com, dailymail.co.uk, imgbuddy.com, pinterest.com,  and pixshark.com for pictures*

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