Imagine sitting in Loki’s favourite spot in your shared apartment. You’re really engrossed in your favourite book, so much so that you don’t realise when he enters the room again. He takes the book from your hands, looking down at you unimpressed and gesturing for you to move. You sigh, giving him a blunt look and stand up to go and find another place to read, but before you’ve even taken a step, a strong arm curls around your waist and Loki pulls you back onto his lap as he sits you both down. Surprised and curling up to his embrace, he re-opens the book and begins to read to you, gently placing a kiss on the base of your neck.

The Icky Green Dress

TITLE: The Icky Green Dress


AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki’s comical disappointment when your toddler daughter shows clear dislike of the color green.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Fluffy Daddy!Loki feels ahead.

“No Dada, dat icky.”

You tried not to laugh. You tried so hard as you stood there in the doorway to your toddler daughter’s bedroom, watching as Loki sat on the ground holding out an outfit. A green outfit. An outfit that their daughter was currently looking at the same way she would the carrot flavoured baby food they tried to feed her. Poor thing hated anything to do with the colour. 

“But this one is very pretty,” Loki tried to persuade the little girl, who stared up at him like he had lost his mind. “It’ll make you look like a princess.”

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quichehound​ asked for some pics and reviews of the slo-bowls, so I did a real quick photo session tonight using Mr. Loki. I’ll make a separate post for each bowl. I’ll tag them as “reviews”!

First of each photoset will be Loki being good about waiting for the “ok” cue before diving in. :D

This is the Flower.

I’d say this is our FAVOURITE of the four options. The areas vary in width, perfect for their snoots and tongues. Nothing is too thin or too wide. It’s not excessively deep so it’s not hard on their lips or noses. It makes them take longer to eat but doesn’t annoy them in any way. It’s definitely our favourite and the woofs!

Highly recommended :]