the thing that kills me the most about korra’s situation, is that everyone thinks that she needs reassuring that everything will be taken care of while she’s recovering, but that’s not what she needs to hear at all

every time tenzin tells korra that the air nomads can take care of things while she’s recovering, korra is just reminded of what zaheer told her, that the world doesn’t need her anymore

korra needs to feel like the world needs her, because she’s had this unhealthy fixation on her role as the avatar her entire life, and being told that the world can just get by without her, no matter how short a period, is probably just killing her inside and making her feel more useless than ever

It’s just so interesting comparing Korra and Aang though….Aang didn’t find out he was the avatar until he was older, and he lacked the confidence at first to truly embrace his role in the world, but later grew into it and accepted more responsibility, even though it wasn’t what he wanted

and then you have korra, who knew from almost the beginning who she was, and what her duties were. she embraced her role as the avatar, almost blending it with her own concept of her self-worth? and now, the world doesn’t need her as much as she thought it would. 

korra has been told time after time that her being the avatar isn’t necessarily what’s best for the world, and it’s starting to eat at her, bit by bit as she spirals downward.

It’s just so tragic that korra’s being denied really the one thing she always knew she wanted. all she wants to do is help people, and she’s had to face obstacles at every turn that made her look inside herself, telling her that she’s worthless.