misshawrylee said:

hey mike, i saw your post of the mr2 meet at target. i was just curious if you had everyone just show up or if you had permission from the plaza owner? i was thinking of setting up an open meet jdm, vip , everyone. would you be interested in coming out?

I’m actually not sure. You’re better off asking Armand (@trd3sgte) I was only invited to go but from my knowledge, we didn’t ask for permission to be there. I mean, as long as everyone’s chill and not doing anything erratic, doing donuts or anything illegal then being at that spot should be fine. & i’m sorry, i can’t give you a definitive answer on your last question. I’m at school from 930am to 8pm Monday through Thursdays so.. it’s difficult to say ‘cause i’m usually always busy. Just lmk though! Sorry I can’t answer privately; i’m on my cell. 

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Preparation before the battle. #racelineusa #hondatuning #trackmonstarrs #loispecgarage #jdmzipties (at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway)

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Big thanks to everyone who came through to support @racelineusa_matt and @rosecitypizza ! #loispecgarage #rosecitypizza #racelineusa #jdmzipties (at Rose City Pizza)

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Fast guys back out on track for @redlinetimeattack ! @teamwwr @loispecgarage @battle951jay @puristgroup #redlinetimeattack #jdmzipties (at Buttonwillow Raceway Park)