An early Christmas present for my darlings  bluealaris and lohkay who are just so sweet and amazing to me. ;3; These are their lost boys, Mahr and Ethan, accompanied by a very big friend who will hopefully keep them warm.

The technique to make those snowy swirls I learned from pettry , who wrote down how she sometimes rubs candle wax on the paper surface before painting. Wonderful tip! <3

Art (c) me, the boys (c) Turtle and Mrs. Turtle.

lohkay asked:

Your Hannibal Jagten AU work is really amazing. @-@ What a twisted and interesting take on two already rather disturbing shows/movies. I'm not very eloquent but so good! Sooo good!

Ahh yes, my mind is very twisted indeed. It always makes me happy to see people who enjoy my stuff. If you only knew how messed up I really was… <3


lohkay asked:

Overlord you've been posting a lot of tasty earth snacks as of late. Not that I mind, I just find it charming.

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat now and then? I guess I have what you call a “sweet tooth,” and I’m flattered you think it’s charming, hm.