Land Of Hope And Dreams: Kobe Class 9-C, classlist

Here goes nothing.

I probably shouldn’t be doing this, and I’m not sure if I’ll see it through, but here’s my randomly-generated list of Shogo Kawada’s classmates in Kobe Class 9-C for a “Battle Royale” (movieverse) fanfiction, tentatively titled “Land Of Hope And Dreams” because Springsteen remains the boss, and trains are cool.

I appreciate that there’s nothing to critique here, except possibly my alphabetization (and if you can make some corrections, please do!) I have, however, worked out a tentative sketch of who kills who when; for this kind of fandom, I’m guessing that preliminary outline is kind of a necessity if you’re going to go all-out on a fic, but that might cramp my creativity as time goes on, should I stick it out. So I’ve left a little wiggle room. I don’t have much interest in doing an all-new class, in Japan or the “Greater Republic” or anywhere else; it’s Shogo and his classmates, specifically, that intrigue me. But I think I’d be tempted to set the focus away from him for a large part of it, and I’m not sure if that would be anticlimactic, or what.

I might post fic as it’s written to Tumblr and/or FFN, though probably not Ao3 unless I do complete it. If so, I’ll be using this #lohad tag as well as the main BR tag.

Anyway, without further ado, my Class 9-C.

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Fanfic update

Land of Hope and Dreams (Battle Royale prequel): 17,000 words in so far, early in Chapter 10. Just past noon on day 1. 17,000 words in…just over two weeks, which scares me a little. I haven’t uploaded any of it, though, because I’m afraid I’ll have to move scenes around and then it’ll be out of order and weird and stuff. Hmm. Not sure how to build up interest. ;)

Which means I can probably attempt Animorphs Big Bang, right? I think if I tried a stab at “One Big Galaxy,” my problems would not be “writing 10k words in the time frame” but writing something that is a coherent plot, goes into all the plot points in enough depth, and that I don’t immediately think is stupid after writing it. (Odds that it won’t be deep or sad enough for a lot of contemporary fans? Pretty high, hahaha.)

Very, very psyched for Invisible Ficathon. No idea how I’m going to narrow down my requests. I want all the invisible fic.

Anyway, that’s where we’re at.

Bleh, two more days to decide whether I’m doing Animorphs Big Bang. I feel like if I had the energy and time, I could probably make it to 10k (the Battle Royale fic has stalled around 25k, I’d probably put it aside if I was doing this instead). But, whether I’d feel motivated to write amid the panic of RL studying/anxiety…eh.

Woke up with a nauseating headache around six, so that’s not really helping my confidence either.

Starting "Land of Hope and Dreams..."

Which means, uh, “poking around” for a copy of the BR novel to “refamiliarize” myself with, amirite.

Good news; some of its many chapters are incredibly short, just to work in different perspectives now and then. I’ll probably do lots of perspective flips mid-chapter, because I don’t want to write insanely long chapters for everyone but I don’t want to just switch to people only when they’re about to die. ;)

Hmm, if there’d been a chapter break in the movieverse while they all were on the bus, could we have tagged it “40 students remaining”? After all, there was no Kiriyama or Kawada yet. ;)

At any rate, ~800 words into the fic, all of the students are remaining (they’re still on their way, too).