i forbidded myself from using brush tool on sai so this shit came up
oh wait i did use brush tool for part of his suit


anyways, making a killing on the LOHAC stock exchange
if you would like some more information about stock exchanges, please click the picture it brings you to another insightful picture

oh my god there are so many hilarious pictures of stock exchanges on google i had a hard time deciding the moron-link for this sorry


Project Minestuck Update #6

I have to admit, I’ve been slacking haha

We got one of the walls completely finished, but there are still three others and a ceiling that needs to be addressed to. But hey, the walls take a long time to build up with just two people and the tedious-ness of it is started to take its toll on my sanity. So slacking on it is permitted if you ask me lol XP

Though I did get another landmark finished. Say hello to the LOHAC stock exchange! Or… at least my likeness of it. After building it, I was left with a large empty space within the large obsidian box that is the LOHACSE. So deciding to get a little creative and wanting to mess around with redstone, I veered off into a small side project (a sort of easter egg within LOHAC, I guess you could say) with the empty space I was given. It was at first going to be a sort of dance club room with some flashing light disco floor. But then flashing light disco floor turned into flashing troll signs disco floor. A few of the photos above show the signs that I’ve finished so far. A lot of trial and error went into getting them to flash the way I wanted them to, but in the end it was worth it. And it’s gonna look so fricking awesome when it’s finished :D 

But anyhow, that’s what I’ve been doing so far regarding the project. The next landmark on the list is the quest bed, which I’m a little unsure of where to place. I’ll figure something out, I guess. Maybe. And of course, I need to finish the side project and when I do, I’ll be sure to post more screen shots.

LOHAC Completion Progress: I’d say we are about 60-65% done. It’s definitely getting there.

Until next update, guys. Peace out!