Avril Complementos

(by Jess García

Diseño de marca para una tienda de complementos, ropa y zapatos.
Branding design for a jewelry-shoes-clothing shop.

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Parallel Studio / Mexico

Branding for a local Bistro · Bar

Post. is a bistro dedicated to provide a food experience at a fair price. Our job was to create a trustable, concept look and feel and graphic identity. The logotype is composed by a simple, yet beautiful typeface, and a relatable logomark that communicates quality. We generated stamps simulating the ones of a local traditional post office. Inspired by traditional postal services, we created a simple and affordable packaging system for take away services. We also collaborated with TJA (Taller Jímenez Álvarez) in the concept for the interior architecture in order to create a full experience in and outside the shop.