Brand identity for Luka Žanić Photography designed by Studio8585

"An identity, stationery and promotional materials for an architectural photographer Luka Žanić. The logotype is based on a monogram in which a characteristic and potentially awkward second initial "Ž" is used as a device which brings the two initials together, juxtaposing them through a diacritic."

Studio8585 is a Croatian design studio which develops bespoke visual identities, responsive websites and other associated materials including stationery, books, posters, brochures and signage for international and local clients. They believe that good design produces effective and meaningful outcomes, adds value & inspires. That is why their approach is conceptual, focused on the process and based on close collaboration with their clients.

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SPIDER-GWEN logo design

I created the logo for the new Spider-Gwen comic series debuting this week. I provided the folks at Marvel with a full webbed-up version of the logo as well as a stripped down alternate to use as they see fit across the 20+ variant covers. Lots of early buzz swirling around this book so get your copy now and be one of the cool kids.


A fan made logo for Let’s Play LIVE. 

I started off with the idea of an emblem/shield design. The first batch of shields were good but didn’t work with the typography and felt disconnected once the text was added.

So instead, I decided to have the LIVE text be a part of the shield instead of shoving the word inside the design. The result shows the text that was been manipulated to form a part of the shield.