ooooh, look what came in the mail today! Logitech G602 gaming mouse!

Just opened it up to feel it out and take a look at it.

I love the feel of this mouse. It fits in my hand perfectly. Wonderful feel and ergonomics. All the buttons, including the six side ones, are well within reach. The build feels very solid and all the buttons have a very satisfying click to them. Nothing feels soft like it makes you say, “wait, did i press that button??” You know you pressed it and you hear it and feel it. There is no free-scroll button so you will always feel that ratchet-type sound and feel from the scroll wheel but it’s not as hard as, say the G700. I felt it has incredible build quality and feels very sturdy. One thing I will mention is that this mouse is heavier than the G700. It has a two-battery compartment so it will add some weight to it. It’s not a mouse that I would recommend to FPS players because you’ll need something that’s very light. Most other types of players, this will fit nicely. I’ll look more into it as I test it when I get home.


Have you ever tried to play games on your iPhone and been frustrated trying to play the game without the natural feel of a traditionalgame controller.  Well Logitech has come up with a solution, it is the Logitech PowerShell Controller with built in battery for iPhone 5/5S and iPod Touch 5th Generation devices…

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Logitech announces one single keyboard to use with any kind of device

Logitech at IFA 2014 unveiled a new keyboard accessory that can be connected over Bluetooth not only with smartphones and tablets but also with Macs and PCs, making it the only keyboard you’ll need to simply control all your devices – or at least up to three of them – simultaneously.

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