Despite the ancient origins of the Greek [and later, via French, Latin] suffix -logia, and eventually -ology, the addition of -ology to mean “the study of" a subject didn’t begin in earnest until the mid-1800s. A few related words (such as theology) existed before then, but it was not a commonly-used root in the sciences before that period.

Today, though, it’s a ubiquitous root, used in science and nonce words alike. Want to study some animal -ologies? Here are a few of those fields!

[Of course, many of these fields of study don’t universally use the Latin/Greek name, but it’s fun to know!]

Biology: The study of organic life. The root bio- is from the Greek bios, meaning “the way of life, the way one lives” (properly-formed example: biography), so “biology” takes some liberties with its modern definition.

Zoology: The study of animals. From Greek zoion (animal, living being).

  • Birds! Ornithology
    Extinct birds! Paleornithology
    - Bird nests! Caliology
    - Bird eggs! Oology- Nestlings! Neossology
    - Bird feathers! Pteryolology

  • Bugs! Entomology
    - Honeybees! Apiology
    All bees! Mellitology
    - Wasps! Vespology
    - Beetles! Coleopterology
    Grasshoppers! Orthopterology [rare alt. Acridilogy]
    - Flies! Dipterology
    - Ants! Myrmecology
    - Bugs on dead people! Forensic entomology
    - Pollination! Anthecology

  • Arachnids! Arachnology
    Spiders! Araneology
    - Ticks and mites! Acarology

  • Other Arthropods! Arthropodology
    Crabs! Carcinology
    - Centipedes and millipedes! Myriapodology
    Squids, octopi, and other molluscs! Malacology 
    - Shells! Conchology

  • Fish! Ichthyology
    Sharks and rays! Elasmobranchology
    - Freshwater fish! Limnobiology [full freshwater ecosystem]
    - Plankton! Planktology
    Extinct fishes! Palaeichthyology

  • Amphibians and reptiles! Herpetology [amphibians only - Amphibiology]
    - Snakes! Ophiology
    - Frogs! Batrachology
    Turtles! Cheloniology
    - Lizards and geckos! Squamatology or Saurology
    - Salamanders! Caudatology

  • Mammals! Mammology [alt. Mastology, Theriology]
    - Platypuses and echidnas! Monotreme mammalogy
    - Placental mammals! Eutheriology
    Marsupials! Metatheriology
    - Whales! Cetology
    Horses! Hippology
    - Horses but also tapirs and rhinos! Perissodactology
    - Dogs! Cynology
    Cats! Felinology
    - Primates! Primatology

"The true Dressrosa has returned!”

Πιστεύω οτι όλα συμβαίνουν για εναν λόγο.
Οι άνθρωποι αλλάζουν ώστε να μπορέσεις να τους αφήσεις να φύγουν, πιστεύεις τα ψέματα μέχρι που δεν θα εμπιστεύεσαι κανέναν παρά τον εαυτό σου..οι κακές στιγμές υπάρχουν για να εκτιμήσεις τις καλές..και κάποιες φορές τα καλά πράγματα τελειώνουν για να αρχίσουν τα καλύτερα.
—  Marilyn Monroe
Γιατί πάλι είσαι εδώ;Γιατί γυρνάς ξανά στο μυαλό μου;Γιατί στεναχωριέμαι;Γιατί ποτέ δε θα πάψω να σ’αγαπάω;Γιατί νιώθω ακόμα τα χείλη σου;Γιατί δεν είμαστε μαζί;Μου λείπεις…
—  Can-feel-it