you can be the king but watch the queen conquer

i’m so ready for another flame princess episode, please take this as an offering for another flame princess episode, amen and thank you.

EDIT: here’s a full size non gif version where the colours are not messed up!!

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Hey so I wanna ask you something. What do you think about Minseok's singing ability? Many people say that he is deteriorating compared to before he entered SM :( So I just want to know your opinion about this. It doesn't need to be about vocal technique or something like that. Just what you think and feel about his voice. I demand a lengthy answer, hoho~ Thanks in advance, jiejie! ps: I personally think his voice is more suitable for ballad... what do you think?

Minseok has a nice singing voice, he has a high tone so I think he is capable of high notes.

SM doesn’t give him enough lines to showcase his singing abilities. and he is shy in nature and I don’t think he feels the most confident when singing.. so sometimes you can hear it in his voice.  and little hand gestures he does .. he kinda fidget his hands a little when he sings.. im not sure if that is out of nervousness or not

I think ballad suit him too.. but SM doesn’t give him anything? he never really sang anything outside of exo songs?.. so maybe he will be capable of other styles too but we just don’t know since we never heard it?

I like his singing voice, I would love to hear him sing a full song by himself. he has a pretty soothing voice.  did I mention how I replayed the shit out of him singing JJ Lin’s song at the generation show… I legit almost teared up because like…. finally he had a little spotlight moment to show off his singing?? and if you watch fancams of that part.. he was fidgeting his other hand esp when he was about to go for the high notes… 

ok im just rambling now.. bottom line..He is not powerful vocal like chensoo but I think minseok has nice singing voice and I hope he gets more lines.