• hear the sirens and horns of basically all the emergency vehicles in the area
  • look outside to investigate
  • all gathering at the school
  • jesus shit is there like a bomb did they find the real bin laden what the fuck is going on
  • dress
  • wander outside
  • walk several hundred feet to the end of my street
  • hear the voices of dozens of teenagers screeching we are the champions
  • goddamn i thought there was actually something important going on and you ass-holes woke me up for some kind of victory lap
  • complete with completely un-fucking-necessary noise provided by emergency services
  • i hate this fucking town
  • stfu i have work tomorrow
  • assholes

So to those who care, I’m home in Logandale right now. I’ve been down here since Monday. My car got smashed in a SECOND hit and run since moving into this complex. This time the hit was so bad my car was left undriveable.

I’ve been strapped on cash and with this all happening, my parents were cool enough to fly me down here so I could make some extra money helping my grandparents because two of their workers had recently up and quit their jobs so my grandpa who is well into his 60s was having to go out late every night to clean buildings. So it works out on that end.

But now, of course, there is only one slight annoyance.

I am flying home. To my apartment. Where I have a bookshelf. I WANT TO TAKE ALL OF MY BOOKS HOME WITH ME! But whatever. I’ll just take a couple and then make a stack with the request they be brought up to me at Thanksgiving or something.

They were gathered in a classroom Monday afternoon at Moapa Valley High watching game film in preparation for arguably their most significant game of the season. One minute the Pirates’ football team was game-planning to stop Desert Pines’ high-scoring offense today in the Division I-A opener that likely will determine the Sunrise Division champion. The next, the power at the school — and other parts of Overton, Logandale and Moapa Valley — is out..

Just pre order omega ruby first then gonna pre order alpha sapphire when I go put money in the bank just won $80 from a foot race at the mud bog race in logandale nv were I went to school there it was a 4/5 from getting the last $20 so I’ll let u all know when the games come in like reblog and follow I’m shadow dash and EffectsRyan signing off later all

I’ve been home in Logandale this week to work for my grandparents because they’ll basically throw money at me and with my car in the shape its in and how completely broke I am—this is a huge blessing.

I’m probably only going to work like 20 - 30 hours but at like $15/hour.

Hooray rent money!