• hear the sirens and horns of basically all the emergency vehicles in the area
  • look outside to investigate
  • all gathering at the school
  • jesus shit is there like a bomb did they find the real bin laden what the fuck is going on
  • dress
  • wander outside
  • walk several hundred feet to the end of my street
  • hear the voices of dozens of teenagers screeching we are the champions
  • goddamn i thought there was actually something important going on and you ass-holes woke me up for some kind of victory lap
  • complete with completely un-fucking-necessary noise provided by emergency services
  • i hate this fucking town
  • stfu i have work tomorrow
  • assholes

They were gathered in a classroom Monday afternoon at Moapa Valley High watching game film in preparation for arguably their most significant game of the season. One minute the Pirates’ football team was game-planning to stop Desert Pines’ high-scoring offense today in the Division I-A opener that likely will determine the Sunrise Division champion. The next, the power at the school — and other parts of Overton, Logandale and Moapa Valley — is out..

shit fuck shit fuck most of my family lives in a town where a dam may have just have broken and there was already major flooding that isolated the valley and we’re really worried because we got the update that dam broke on facebook through my aunt who lives there but is in califorinia because she was on vacation and she saw it on the news and just

i have a lot of little cousins and extended family that i’m worried about and there aren’t any recent updates online from news sources yet so we’ll be watching but agh