Matthew Macfadyen spam ♔ part 22/?

“I just did Wallis Simpson for a Channel 4 adaptation of William Boyd’s Any Human Heart, lots of fun working with my friend Tom Hollander and the unimaginably sweet Matthew Macfadyen.”

— Gillian Anderson (x)

Last weekend, United Watch Along was a success on Twitter. So we will continue with Any Human Heart (#AHHWatchAlong) Saturday 25th!

We will all comment on Facebook or/and Twitter and talk to each other while we watch at the same time. There are four episodes to Any Human Heart, but since Sam is only in the first one we will only watch the 1st episode during the watch-along. But feel free to watch the other three amazing episodes. The episode is rated PG-13 for sexual content, thematic material, language, and smoking throughout. We’ll also set another date for the next movie. We will provide the links at the end of the week here, don’t forget to load or download the movie before the Watch-Along start. Ready and excited for this spectacular watch-along?

The time will be the following according to your time zone. Lets us know if you have any problems.

The Time will be as follows:
-ET: 7 pm (19:00)
-PT: 4 pm (16:00)
-UK: 12 am (00:00)
-France/ Italy/ Germany: 1 am (1:00)
-Australia 11 am (11:00)
-Brazil, Rio 10 pm (22:00)
Make sure to check the right hour depending on where you live :)

(Contact details below)
Twitter: @SamClaflinFans 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SamClaflinF