In this town, it’s all about who you know…


Scarlett Billings  ♔  sister  ♔  neutral terms

Logan resents Scarlett for leaving when he needed her most. He spent his whole life comparing himself to her, and the moment he wanted to turn to her for guidance, she was gone.

Aurelia Billings  ♔  sister   ♔  bad terms

Aurelia is constantly lecturing him on his behavior, and reminding him just how well she’s done at handling their tragedy. He can’t believe she has enough audacity to make it all about her, and he has no desire to listen to any of her self-righteous lectures.

Jeremiah Billings  ♔  cousin  ♔  neutral terms

Jeremiah attests that Logan should’ve gotten over Francis’s death by now, but Logan chalks that sentiment up to Jeremiah’s laughably limited emotional range. He thinks his cousin severely lacks compassion and that he should simply leave him to his own devices.

Ashton Billings  ♔  cousin  ♔  neutral terms

Ashton is one of the few Billings that hasn’t given Logan a hard time in the past five years. The two will often go out for a drink together, and while Logan doesn’t always remember what they’ve talked about, he likes knowing that Ashton is willing to try to understand his pain.

Elias Billings  ♔  cousin  ♔  neutral terms

Elias has always left Logan to his own devices, which he’s thankful for. They’re not the closest, but if Logan had to choose a cousin to spend time with, he’d definitely pick Elias, Ashton, or Alex over Jer or Audrey.

Audrey Billings  ♔  cousin  ♔  bad terms

Logan has no desire to listen to Audrey’s lectures about the way he chooses to live his life, and he’s willing to tell her so — especially after he’s had a few. What could Little Miss Perfect ever know about loss, anyway?

Alexandra Billings  ♔  cousin  ♔  good terms

Alex doesn’t just support Logan, she enables him. They go out together on occasion, and every time he finds himself missing chunks of the night. Still, in his eyes, Alex is a far better companion than any of his useless sisters.

Emery Billings-Grant  ♔  cousin  ♔  neutral terms

There’s been a handful of occasions when Emery has run to him for some kind of help, and he’s always either been too drunk to care or already passed out. With so many problems of his own, he has no time to run to her side and help with hers.


Victoria Calloway  ♔  friends with benefits  ♔  neutral terms

Victoria is a distraction — one who conveniently shares his interest in herbal remedies. She started as someone to get high with, then turned into someone he could find comfort on top of. Lately Victoria seems to be making it her mission to fix him, to save him, and Logan firmly believes he doesn’t need saving. She’s supposed to be a way to waste his time and forget about the outside world, not his chaperone.


Ryan Delgado  ♔ friend  ♔  good terms

Since Ryan’s arrival in the city, he and Logan have become rather close. After hearing about Ryan’s predicament, Logan gave him a very quick piece of advice — fuck those pills; be who you are, and don’t apologize for it. It’s the same mantra he’s been living by, after all.

Thea Sharp  ♔  enemy  ♔  bad terms

Logan can tell Thea hates the amount of time he spends with Ryan, and the kind of influence he has over him. His response is typically to tell Thea to mind her own business — that Ryan’s his own man, and he doesn’t need her making his decisions for him.

Logan's BIOGRAPHY can be found here.

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Hey you guys, I just wanted to say how amazing this rp truly is, It deserves the entire world and more because the bios are so perfect and the plot is awesome and you guys are so cute I can't fathom it. Which is why it really saddens me to say I'm going to have to leave. I'm just not connecting with Logan as much as I hoped to which really sucks because he's such a great character. I might reapply as someone else after my exams are finished, but until then good luck! xo

Really sad to see you go, but thank you for the message! Everyone please unfollow Logan.


LOGAN requested by Leo Min (account, bio)

Logan is Leo’s free spirited older brother who left home when they were young (reason can be up to the player). Leo’s family has basically disowned him and Leo has grown up learning not to speak of him. Because of this, Leo barely remembers him, but he knows his face. He never thought he would see him again, until now. (must identify as male, 23 and up)

  • prefered faceclaim: Any face claim is okay, we can talk about adoption perhaps, if you choose an FC who’s not Korean. 

Abigail Daniels - 28 - Candidate


Chosen By: Lancelot
From: London, England
Qualifications: Majoring in Aviation and Minoring in Statistics at Cambridge


- An extreme adrenaline junkie.
- Will drop something if she gets bored with it.
- Likes to prove others wrong.
- Always speaks her mind, regardless of the consequences.
- Hates limitations and seeks to break them.


+ intuitive, fearless, driven
- impulsive, self-involved, blunt


Logan Marsden: Roommates.
Leliana Gardner: Was tutored by her in statistics.

This character is open.



In first person’s point of view, explain who you were growing up, what your family was like, what your current occupation is and who you are now. Include goals and lifetime wishes. Write up to 5-7 sentences.  

Character's connections;

  • Logan Wright: Childhood Best Friend
  • other character: connection
  • other character: connection


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The role of TONY MONTANA is currently available.

philipjcurlyfries said: do you get like, weird random triangles and strange neon colours and weird stretched things that go on for miles too? because i do. it makes playing games SO FUN /sarcasm

yeah i do esp. when i play sims lol. sometimes i get the textures on sims replacing other things like one time my sims hair was replaced with trees like so

also when i play gw2 i get beautiful stretchy neon lines that fuzz across the screen and mega crashing and shit and skyrim’s water doesn’t agree with me

honestly the only game that plays nice with my computer is new vegas

amburo said: i went after Noiz first because he punched me and that’s like a one way trip into my heart. FIGHT ME.

I REALLY WANT TO LIKE NOIZ BC HES SO AGGRESSIVE COMPARED TO CLEAR AND KOUJAKU AND ALSO HE IS NOT MINK BUT LIKE his outfit is so fucking dumb. i can’t get over his fucking hat. aoba makes him wear a paper bag over his head before they fuck because of that stupid fucking hta.