~Gifts From Nidavellir~

A bundle of necklaces arrived to the Asgard castle, sent to Freyja and her daughters. They were sent, pendants wrapped in red velvet and hung on a delicate chain of silver. A rune closed between two etched dragons. Each necklace had a different rune 

  Laguz- Sigyn [[Water | Flow]]

  Algiz- Syn [[Protection]]

  Eihwaz- Var [[Dependability]]

   Wunjo- Lofyn [[Comfort]]

  Hagalaz- Nanna [[Testing | Trial]]

  Kenaz- Snotra [[Knowledge]]

There was one, also wrapped in red velvet but tied with a light ribbon made of gold. 

  Berkanan- Freyja [[Fertility]]

The gifts were sent with no further letter or note, but no one questioned who they were from, because they already knew.

~Gifts from Father~

Bedtime (Drabble)


Iwaldi sat up in his bed, looking to the door where the voice came from. There, he saw the small outline of his daughter, Sigyn. She was wearing a white night gown and a slightly scarred expression on her face. He looked to her, concern showing, as he spoke.

"Is everything alright, my child?"

She shook her head rapidly, her hair flaring. “I had a nightmare,” she said, her voice shaking. 

Iwaldi smiled in relief that there was no imminent danger. He slid over on his bed and patted the space next to him. “Come up here, then.”

The girl padded her way across the hard wood floors and climbing in next to him. She needed no invitation to curl up into him. The dwarf wrapped his arm around the girl and pulled the blankets up. He started to settle in, feeling Sigyn start to fall asleep.

"Papa…" Another voice at his door.

He looked up find Lofyn standing, peeking from behind the door hinge. 

"You too," he asked, a slight smile curling.

She nodded and walked through the door. Iwaldi let her climb in and she settled on the other side of him. In the company of two of his daughters, he feel asleep.

When he awoke again, the bed was covered. Six little girls who just wanted to be with their father, knowing he had to leave the next day.