This is what my life has become…

SHOUTOUT to all SA babyz who are sitting at home crying and hurting because the tour was cancelled, who spent not one, but two or three salaries in order to schedule concert tickets and flights and hotel bookings, who were travelling to a neighbouring country for this tour, all babyz from humble families that worked twice as hard to earn enough, all boys and girls who were so excited and now not only feel sad and disappointed and frustrated but also receive absolutely no support from other fans. You MATTER and your effort MATTERS and TS SHOULD NOT BE PRAISED FOR THIS, because they should have planned AHEAD and give the band a rest BEFORE scheduling a tour, not AFTER. IT’S OKAY TO BE MAD, IT’S OKAY TO BE SAD, IT’S OKAY TO DECIDE THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO SUPPORT THE BAND AFTER THIS. Don’t let privileged people who have not experienced the same heartbreak tell you it’s wrong to feel this way. Your feelings and hard work matter too, because you’re the reason for the company and the group’s success. I hope you can recover from this and continue to be a BABY, or find happiness someplace else! I love you all! Fighting!


Aaand we’re done.
Off to hang myself.