Meeting Dan And Phil!

Hey there :) I got a message saying I should write to you about meeting Dan and Phil? Well…


They are such nice people, wow, like seriously I didn’t think they would be that nice! It’s crazy, they are just like they are in their videos and on the radio, it’s great that they don’t change when off camera! Phil’s hugs are the best things ever! Plus they both signed my ukulele which I’m planning on filling up with signatures at Summer In The City this year. Phil also said he looks forward to seeing me again at SITC which was incredible!

Plus thanks for reblogging my post about it :3

Lots of love x






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1.You are trapped on a desert island and can only bring three things.What are they?

  1.          My computer
  2. Uhm… A friend or John watson
  3. Food.

2.Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first three songs.

1.) Apologize - Silverstein       

2.) Cha-Ching - Imagine Dragons 

3.)  Holdin’ it down for the underground - A day to remember 

3.What does music mean to you?

 It’s a way to escape the world around me and find a moment of happyness. 

4.Would you rather go a month without your phone or a month without wifi?

The phone.

5.How are you feeling right now?


6.Top three fandoms/bandoms?

Lord, that’s like asking me to name my children in order of favorites..

1.) The Phandom.

2.) Mcrmy. 

3.) Sherlock fandom. 

7.Do you like cheese?

Not really. 

8. Favourite dessert?


9. Favourite sad song?

Terrible things - mayday parade. 

10.Large group of friends, Small group of closer friends or best friend?

I have a small group of close friends. 

11. Name one thing on your bucket list.

To go to all of my favorite bands’ concerts. 


      Im lazy. Answer those. 

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Austin Carlile

Recently I’ve been able to speak to him over Facebook, and I can honestly he is the most genuine, sweetest man I know alive. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to talk to him whenever I feel low, and he always seems available to listen when I need him most. He is so caring and lovely.

Thank you Austin <3

n0-belts asked:

i think i really freaked stafn out as i like full on fangirls infront of him but he is literally the nicest person in the world :') i stayed outside the stage door for 1 1/2 hours after the show but it was so worth it :D omg you like dan and phil aswell im dying you are so perfect

oh my god who are you ily are we friends ily

If I met Stefan Abingdon, I would full on cry my heart out and hyper-ventilate and omg I’d die inside because I love every single band he’s been in he’s perf with a captial PERF do u feel me

n0-belts asked:

YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON EVER - were you at the we are most amused comedy thing aswell?? omgggg i saw your video of tmb performing there i loved that so much im fangirling so much now aswell ahhh i met stef and dru afterwards aswell ahweogthwsgss.... if you didnt go this would be very awkward now :L Have a nice day :3

Am I, really?

I mean, I wasn’t there but I watched all the videos I could find on YouTube. I’ve been trying to meet them for like, a year but I haven’t. :’) I suck at socializing so I’d just stand gawping at them.

I can’t remember who filmed it, but I don’t know if they have Tumblr…