EDIT: I’m talking with the artist right now in a chat. So far they’re telling me the locotik art will be taken down.

They did not ask me from the start or credit me so I feel it’s only right.

I’ve given them permission to keep the don’t starve fanart (without the locotiks) up if they add propper credit though.

There are still some drawings up but they’ll be taken down soon enough.

She told me that there are some people on there who claim Percy as theirs though and I just need to get that resolved somehow. (seen some furry verisons of him as well) But things concerning this matter have however been resolved as far as i know.

Thank you all for the help!


I’ve tried to take things in my own hands and tried to be reasonable with people here and take this in private. But after being banned from the group the art is posted in for even mentioning my character being used I thought I’d ask for some help.

There are tons of Locotik images drawn if you just scroll down, along side with Percy and Wilson from my Don’t Starve Comic or even mixed with both.

I want to know if there’s a way for me to report the artwork which are using my Locotik species (weejay copy to be specific) without my permission.

I have no ability of contacting them since the first thing they did was ban me. 

Remember I DO NOT WANT TO START A FLAME WAR. Just try to sort things out in a good manner.

Any help is appriciated, thank you.

Done some refs on how the shadow arm looks like without Wilsons
clothes. The markings randomly changes into different patterns since
it’s a living thing. Also did a twisted WeeJay for when Wilsons sanity
goes low. Not sure if I’ll keep it I might work more on the design,
want him to be more spiky and shadowy than gooey.

Also Wilson and WeeJay fluff~

Art/WeeJay/Shadow Arm © ZombiDJ
Wilson/Don’t Starve © Klei Entertaiment