Caption: “New York Central EMD E7A 4026 hustles south on the Illinois Central Chicago—New Orleans, LA main line as she skirts the Weldon Coach Yard at 18th Street in Chicago Illinois. Right above the engine is where the IC’s intercity passenger car fleet is stored between runs and serviced. Farther right is the 18th Street electric M.U. Shed, where commuter cars are serviced during their layovers during the day. IC’s downtown passenger terminal is visible right above the lead unit. It is located at Roosevelt Road and Michigan Avenue. The train pictured is the Chicago Mercury, which ran between Chicago and Detroit, and which used the Illinois Central between downtown Chicago and Kensington Interlocking Tower, where it entered tracks of NYC subsidiary Michigan Central. Photographer and date unknown, James E. Humbert Collection.”

Caption: “Last look at Northwestern F’s on a Freight.

Chicago and Northwestern F7A 423 leads a five-unit set (423-424-421-419-417) on train #183 approaching Mount Prospect Road on March 7, 1981. This was a Proviso-Green Bay train that departed Proviso in the late morning, though the power was most likely changed at Butler yard north of Milwaukee. With the exception of the presidential F’s that were renumbered and repainted into the zito yellow scheme, this was the last time I caught Northwestern F-units on a freight train. During the Spring of 1981, the railroad acquired 120 former Rock Island Geeps, the 251-powered ALCO’s were re-assigned to Wisconsin and Michigan, most of the GP30’s and GP35’s were stored, and the F’s seemed to disappear from freight service on weekends.”

March 7, 1981

Photo by Joe Lewnard

24 Regards Sur L’Anenir. N° 12. Le Rapide Du XXI Siècle. Locomotive A Carénage Total (Aérodynamique); France, 1932.