Choi and Patterson Announce Crowdfunding Project for Loco'lMAD

Chefs Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi have announced a crowdfunding project for their new fast food venture loco'l. Announced at MAD last summer, loco'l is a for-profit business that aims to compete with behemoths like McDonald’s, by providing real food to people in underserved communities (like the food deserts Choi spoke about at MAD3). That’s why Patterson promises that this won’t be boutique or Fast Food Plus. He and Choi will work to come up with a menu where you can actually have a 99-cent burger, with bread designed by Tartine’s Chad Robertson. 

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Brb. Dying.

René Redzepi thinks it’s a great idea.

This is some bullshit. I like the concept Choi and Patterson are working on; it’s a great thing to see people trying to make a difference in the way people eat, so I’m hesitant to cry foul, but why do they need my money? Each is the head of his own culinary empire with access to plenty of funding. If they can’t cough up 75k a piece, or can’t afford to (which I doubt is the case), they can find people who will. They are proven commodities and there is likely no shortage of people who might like to get on board with them. Crowd-sourcing is meant for people who have no other means to the capital they need in order to start a business. It shouldn’t be used by people who are already wealthy and successful. Even if they use their own money and the whole thing tanks, these are men who will bounce back. Their bottom line might hurt for a few shoer months, but their other ventures will continue making money. So put your money where your pie-holes are, gentlemen, because the public’s mouths are already filled with your other products, and we know you have it to spare. 

Blog: Just do it

Chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson are building a new type of revolutionary fast food venues, called Loco'l. Visit their Indiegogo page and you’ll find a lot of information about the concept, how they are going to change the fast food industry. To make it a better place. For the employees. For the local farmers. For the guests. For everyone.

Why are they fundraising? Why don’t they just do it?

So this came out today. Peep it at papermag.com
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